Being Open to Criticism aka Advice

Someone, after reading my blog from yesterday, asked me why I am so open about my life…a few of the reasons are:

  • being true and authentic is important to me
  • writing helps me to think and process things
  • as I told a friend many years ago “I am my own worst enemy” why? because I always tell on myself
  • I lived with secrets for most of my early life and I don’t like secrets, well unless it’s about a surprise party😁
  • also, not having close friends in proximity, writing is a tool I can use to get feedback from others

Yesterday I was not in a real good space, I even alluded to it that I was whining about how I was feeling and not being around friends, not having face-to-face fellowship and specifically how I had hinted that I wanted someone to come and pick me up for the potluck at our local church…a couple of friends responded “people are not mind readers, ask for what you need.” After reading their responses I knew they were right, I KNOW people are not mind readers…just ask Ron 😳…even after 46 years of marriage and lots of counseling I still expect him to read my mind, LOL! As well, an email from someone saying they hoped they didn’t offend me or hurt my feelings. Of course not!!! If having someone make a comment or reply to a blog post was going to offend me I wouldn’t write…I love it when people comment PLUS how can I learn and grow if people didn’t share their thoughts or comments.

I’m also trying to be open to what the Lord has to say to me through my devotions and Bible readings and today He did not disappoint me. It was like He is a mind reader 😂

My devotional reading today was in Proverbs 14…below are the verses that really spoke to me: red italics are my thoughts

A rebel’s foolish talk should prick his own pride! But the wise man’s speech is respected. Even fools need discipline

A mocker never finds the wisdom he claims he is looking for, yet it comes easily to the man with common sense. knowledge & perceptive

10 Only the person involved can know his own bitterness or joy—no one else can really share it. I think this is one of the reasons I write, I want to share the good, the bad, the beautiful and ugly, the joys and sorrows to hopefully be an encouragement to others

13 Laughter cannot mask a heavy heart. When the laughter ends, the grief remains. I think about my older sister, Kathy. She told me one time that she would hide behind her laughter and I feel sad thinking she too struggled with so much in her life.

17 A short-tempered man is a fool. He hates the man who is patient. This one really hit home…thinking about how quick I was to get so angry on Tuesday dealing with the fiasco of the insurance and my medication…

23 Work brings profit; talk brings poverty! Action speaks louder than words!

29 A wise man controls his temper. He knows that anger causes mistakes. Similar thoughts & response as verse 17: This one really hit home…thinking about how quick I was to get so angry on Tuesday dealing with the fiasco of the insurance and my medication…understanding instead of foolishness.

30 A relaxed attitude lengthens a man’s life; jealousy rots it away. When I am looking at the positive, being thankful, expressing gratitude life and keeping my focus on the Lord keeps my anxiety at bay.

My devotion closed with

Galatians 5:22-23 Fruit of the Spirit - Free Bible Verse Art Downloads -  Bible Verses To Go

And I am was reminded to rest on God’s solid foundation, serve ALL joyfully and let those in my life know how important they are to me…Ron, our boys, their sweet wives, our grandchildren, friends who have become my family.

I then started down memory lane…Ron and I have been married 46+ years and we have met so many people, had more adventures than we could have ever imagined, traveled to places we could only dream about and the truth is we are so blessed!!! Even in the middle of struggles and trials we are loved and blessed beyond measure.

And then as I continued with the Grace Filled Food Freedom study…the title for today: Perils of Perfectionism ~~ When the bar is too high, we stop trying. This is why you’ve struggled with diets (and so many other areas of my life). At one point you thought you could do it ALL, tomorrow. But time has revealed to you (and 95% of dieters) that change does not happen overnight. And ironically, striving for a perfect diet only makes it harder to eat healthfully, as our cravings grow fangs when our favorite foods are banned from our lives. Take today to meditate on how grace can and will transform your life and your eating. What would happen if you stopped aiming for perfection and set your gaze on God’s goodness instead? How would things change if your food slips “go and reset” as soon as you noticed you’d veered? The answer may surprise you! And I am reminded again…GRACE!!! Extend grace to myself just like I extend grace to others. Be kind to myself and enjoy this season of life that I am in…strive to share the fruits of the Spirit with those I come into contact with.

I want to end this post with a

203,796 BEST Thank You IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

to each of you who are a part of my life,
for loving me and encouraging me
and being a part of my life!!!

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