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Writing & Reflecting

Tonight Ron took a couple of the boys roller skating. So after baths and getting three boys to bed or should I say into their rooms, I decided to do some more writing from my old journals to the computer. I am currently working on writings from late 2016. A little background…we became House Parents in Waco, at the Methodist Boys Ranch 8/1/2016. We started our new position as Home Parents here at A Kid’s Place the middle of June this year.

As I have been typing up what I wrote four years ago I am surprised at the similar things that I am still concerned and dealing with…

  1. My weight…and now I am even 20 lbs heavier than I was in 2016 ~ UGH!!! I don’t think I am winning this battle!!!
  2. My blood sugars…I can’t remember the last time I had one full week of good and decent numbers ~ UGH
  3. Spending time with the Lord/His Word or should I say lack there of!!!

From my journal ~~~~. 11.10.2016

Got 5 hours of sleep.  Dear Jesus, I so need you today Lord.  I truly believe you opened the door for us to come here, to serve and care for these boys and Lord I don’t want to be known as a quitter yet Lord I feel so discouraged, so inadequate and find my fuse so close to blowing.  Lord, I so need you today, please give me a calm and peaceful spirit.  Lord help me to let yesterday go, give grace to these boys and specially to love on Ron.

Lord the devotional from this morning ~ I have a purpose, You have called me/us here to do your work.  Lord forgive me for my frustrations.  Help me as I step out the door this morning, to do what you have called me to be, a mom, loving on these boys the way you love on me.  Amen.

I don’t think anything has really changed…I think about something I read earlier today on Facebook and my response…(shared with permission):

Something I wrote, read it or don’t 😉Where do I begin? There’s too much going on within…I think I have one thing dealt with and then here it comes again Why can’t I shake this, why does it seem to never end? Why don’t they ever put me first, why do I care so much, think so much, want so much. I should just be content with what I have but there’s always a little voice within telling me I’m not enough Why can’t I believe I deserve good things? Why do I accept less for myself than I give to others, to all my friends I’m trying so hard to keep it together to believe things are getting better. Focus on the good, block out the bad, and trust Gods plan, but I’m wearing thin, I’m getting tired Why do they ignore me, seem to forget about me, about us? I long for that connection, the support that has never been, but that’s just it, how can I long for something that’s never even been…Loneliness and putting on a smile, telling myself I’m going to be alright is what I’ve always done, but sometimes I just want to scream NO, I’m not alright!This world is so hard to stay positive in, to not let the pain win. I try to spread love not hate, but can’t seem to love myself or believe I deserve it…Why can I do these things for others yet struggle so much to believe I’m worth it, the time, the energy, the attention, it’s so foreign to me. I’ve gotten so good at being quiet and staying out of the spotlight, fading into the conversations around me crying inside, just waiting to be seen I’d do anything for anyone especially those I love, but I guess that’s the problem…I’m not someone I love. Why would I love me when I’ve never been enough for them? Even when I’ve pleaded, begged, cried, ran away, I was never enough. I was always the one who was wrong, the one who hurt them, so I just continued to be the girl they taught me to be…quiet and good, so no one notices me…Rachel Weatherby Bode7-23-21

My response: Oh my sweet Rachel Weatherby Bode. First off sending lots of hugs your way!!! My heart resonates with what you wrote. Many thoughts you shared here today are ones I have shared internally and outwardly so many times. I know for me, I have to constantly tell myself…”Ali give yourself the grace you so easily extend to others.” And even though I am better about loving and caring for myself there are still days I fall through the cracks. I wish I had a magic wand to send over you but alas that just doesn’t happen…but know you are enough, God loves you just the way you are and you are loved by many (even those who don’t show it to you on a daily basis). Life is just plain hard at times. Just remember this too shall pass…I know it sounds a bit cliche but for me sometimes I just need to say it over and over. I share this verse with you ~ it came to me this morning when I was reading Matthew 11:28-12:8. I wrote in my Bible this morning: remember sometimes you just have to be…be still, be calm, be enough, just be! Love you sweet girl!!!

Today has been trying here at AKP…how many times during the day must I tell our 7 yr old to please stop running in the house? How many times do I have to tell the 12 year to speak nicely, don’t use that word (in this case poop poop head)? How many times to do I have to say to the 9 yr old, stop arguing over every request or comment? And I want to yell “the next time someone says YUCK at what I fix for lunch or dinner they can fix dinner and see how it feels to have everything you cook for them be YUCKY!!!

In my mind all I want to do is sit down and crochet but there isn’t a decent chair or lighting to even do that for 5 minutes!!! And then I thought about Rachel and my heart echoed hers…why does it not feel what I am doing is enough? why doesn’t it seem we get a break from constant chaos?

I know we are where the Lord would want us to be…to loving on kids who don’t have someone to love on them. …to be near our son and his family, to be Grammy and Grandpa in person, and encouraging those we come into contact with. And I am reminded that each day is a choice, each item of food I put into my mouth is my choice, each moment I spend zoning out on Facebook or picking up my Bible or rewriting my journals…those are all choices I make every day and no one is responsible for any of them but me.

So I committed this week to pray and find a support system for me…to focus on three things: my spiritual walk, my health (diabetes, eating healthy and moving this body!) and my writing. And I found this group: Faith & Fitness for Christ Followers. I was able to listen to about 20 minutes of a welcome post/live this afternoon and I was so encouraged. First, Freddie is easy to listen to and is full of energy. I got through the first three habits: !. Spend time with God! 2. Fellowship with other believers ~ being in a new area, working the crazy schedule that we do, it is sometimes hard to find fellowship with other believers. We don’t go to church the Sunday’s we are working ~ it just doesn’t work out. And the past Sunday’s we have been off we have either been out of town or sleeping in or ??? it just hasn’t happened. And this next Sunday we are off we are going to be out of town with Christopher, having some Grammy and Grandpa time celebrating him!!! But in saying that…somehow I connected with a church on Facebook Salvation City Church. I have messaged back and forth with Pastor Joel a couple of times. One of the things that was an encouragement from him was a message/prayer he left for me in Messenger without me even asking. If there is one thing I miss ~ that is having a personal relationship/friendship with our pastor. Pastor Charles from Northwood, Pastor Isaac from Open Door and Pastor Adam from New Life have all been encouragers to and for me over the years. Habit 3 is drink water!!!! I had been doing really well drinking anywhere from 60 to 80 oz of water every day until we moved here to Florida…now I am luck if I down 48 oz…I need to find that water bottle and get back to drinking water!!! I know I feel better when I drink more water.

And then I began transcribing my journal from November 2016 and realized that though my battle seems to be exactly the same as 5 years ago but in reality and I’m trying to see the truth!!! Yes I may weigh more now than I did then, my BS numbers are all over the board BUT I am more aware and immediately I think of something Tom shared with us many years ago

Awareness + Contact = Change!!! and today I am definitely more aware than I was five years ago!!! And I am making healthier food choices more of the time than not and that is a good thing!!!

And just like I shared with Rachel this morning…I need to give myself the grace that I so easily give to others!!! And so as I prepare to go to bed I am thanking the Lord for today…reminders I am not alone…support groups on Facebook, friends who send me texts of encouragement and little boys who say “Ms Ali, would you pray with me tonight” which says “Ms Ali, thank you for loving me along with all my foibles.”

And so again I say to myself…Ali you can make the changes that need to be made in your life…make healthy food choices, drink water ~ forget that dang soda pop!!! 😉 and give yourself the grace you so freely give to others!!! Just like God gives grace to me every single day of my life!!!!

I want to add a big thank you to Rachel for sharing from your heart and walking my journey with me and allowing me to walk your journey with you!!!! And remember:


Reflecting and Encouraging

This morning I saw a post by a previous co~worker who shared she is turning 50 this year and still feels old baggage from childhood creeps into her life. I so understand!!!! And I told her so…and encouraged her to reach out if she ever needs a friend to listen.

My scripture this morning comes from Romans 3. Verses 3 & 4 jumped right out at me:

What Does Romans 3:3 Mean?

and I immediately thought of what my friend had shared earlier on Facebook…that even though we slip up now and again (who doesn’t) as long as our faith and belief in Christ is there HE will never leave us and HE will always love us. I took it even a bit further…I know what is right, I have learned some great new appropriate coping skills but sometimes what I know goes right out of my head and the old, familiar coping skills come right to the surface. Does this make me a bad person…NO NOT AT ALL…it reminds me I am human and it is only with God that I can make changes in my life. And that each day I need to make the right choices to make the right decisions. And I am so thankful for God’s grace and mercy.

Another thing my friend wrote about was “being a people pleaser” and how I can relate. I remember one time I was part of a support group and I was constantly bringing goodies to share and one day I brought a jar of homemade soup to one of the facilitators. Janice thanked me for the soup in front of the group. After the meeting she came up to me and said I wasn’t allowed to bring her any more goodies ~ even though she loved them ~ why you may ask, just like I did…I looked at Janice and said “why?” and she replied. Because you don’t have to always be doing things for me to like you. I like you for you!!! That was so hard for me. I love doing things for people, I love making food gifts or crochet gifts for others…but sometimes I have to check myself and ask..why am I doing XYZ??? Is it because I want someone to like me, to pay attention to me or is because I just want to bless them…no strings attached.

Do you know how freeing that is??? I am able now to do things just because without expectations. Now, for the most part I do things just because with no care about what the results or outcomes will be. Yes, sometimes I will do something for someone to say “I’m sorry” for hurting their feelings or for making them uncomfortable but it’s for them…not for how they will respond to me.

Back to verses 3 and 4 – there is nothing I can do that will turn God against me or like me any more or any less. He loves me for me!!!! Just the way I am.

Continuing in Romans 3: 22-24

Romans 3:22-26

Just another reminder of God’s grace is so freely given. I think of all the verses in the Bible I cling to…the ones that remind me of God’s grace is the one we share the most with the kidlets in our care. We try to show grace and mercy with our kidlets just as Christ has with us. The other day we had to have a chat with one of our boys, C, age 9 who is a pretty smart cookie, sometimes too smart for his own good 🙂 C was arguing with both Ron and I, got mad when I told him to get into the van and he said “I’m not getting in the van till you apologize.” Me being me, (we were in the parking lot of the Tampa Bay Rays) I turned and said, “C I am not going to argue with you. You need to get in the van.” He mustered up his stature (as much as a 4′ 10″ chunky little guy could and said “I am not getting in the van!” So I took my purse, put it on the floor of the van, pulled my phone out of my back pocket and said “well you leave me no choice but to call the police.” I think it was 2 seconds and he was in the van.

Once we were home, showers were had, snacks had been eaten, Ron and I called C into the office and asked him to sit down. We talked about following the rules and our expectations of behavior especially when we are out on an outing. Then Ron asked him if he knew what “grace” was. C replied “it’s a holy word.” Ron and I both smiled and said “well sort of.” Ron then told him what he wanted to tell C was that we were unhappy with his behavior at the game and that we just wanted to send him right to bed BUT just as God extends grace to us, we were going to extend grace to him. That grace is giving forgiveness even when we don’t want to. So he didn’t have to go to bed right away and in fact, he could stay up an extra 30 minutes. BUT the next time we are out on an outing and he misbehaves there will be a consequence of an early bedtime. And then Ron asked him if he understood. C replied, “Yes, I was rude in not getting into the van and you are being nice and letting me stay up.” Well sort of 🙂

We have talked a lot about grace this week while we have been working. Not only as reminders to the boys but to ourselves that God gives us grace ALL the Time!!! And usually we don’t deserve it.

Romans 3:28 ends the chapter with

Justification. Justification justification noun [juhs-tuh-fi-key-shuh n]  Theology. the act of God whereby humankind is made or accounted jujust, or  free from guilt or penalty - ppt video online download

I believe this verse ties right into what I was sharing with my friend (mentioned above) that it is not what we do (WORK) for others, its’ that we do because God calls us to love one another and to keep our faith in Him. And it reminds me to keep my eye on my relationship with the Lord!!! To keep the faith, to keep on putting one foot in front of the other, to remember whatever I am dealing with will pass, that nothing stays stagnant.

What Bible verse has spoken to you that you try to emulate in your own life and with others you come into contact with?


Beginning the Day ~

welcome to scripture pictures | Psalms, Morning scripture, Psalm 92

My devotion this morning comes from Psalm 92. Before I even began reading I turned on some worship music. To have soft music playing in the background helps me to stay focused and music soothes my soul and brings calmness to my spirit.

The first thing I read was “it is good to give thanks…” and I have much to be thankful for…I slept better last night, getting two three-hour blocks of sleep without waking up and I woke up before the alarm this morning. That lets me know that my sleep was restful and I wasn’t fighting getting up. That is always a good thing.

Ron is walking a bit better today but I still want him to get his knee looked at or at least to get a wrap around brace for some support for it. What I want and what he will do doesn’t always mesh and I am learning not to nag him about it.

Our house is quiet this morning as our 7 yr old is at summer school and the 12 & 14 year olds are at summer camp until around 3pm. That leaves our 9 year old with us…he is content right now to be on the computer while Ron is doing training and I am reading and doing some writing. We will enjoy the quiet while we have it 🙂

Continuing in Psalm 92 reflecting on how far the Lord has brought me through this life always give me cause to be thankful. Recently I have connected through 23andMe (which was a gift from our kids, Jamie & Suzanne) with a third cousin. I told him I felt like I had won the lottery finding out I had more relatives out there. As y’all know, I struggle with and wish my relationship with Joanie was a better one but it is what it is, so I am excited to make some other connections. And to have stories confirmed about a couple of relatives has been good to. I would like to do some more researching on but it is not cheap to access their records and I just don’t know if I am ready to invest in it right now. Maybe down the road. But for now I am enjoying connecting with Peter and seeing how it really is a small world out there. And so I give thanks for possible new family connections.

Pin on Jesus Shall Reign

Verse 8 begins with “But You, Lord…” and I am reminded it is because of the Lord that I have had healing in my life and now live with lots of peace and contentment. It doesn’t mean I don’t struggle because everyone struggles but it does mean…with God I am content and at peace and I know where to turn when my anxiety flares us. A couple of days ago, for no apparent reason, I was feeling anxious and so I asked for prayer from my friends…and it wasn’t long before people were letting me know they were praying for me and I could begin to fill the calmness come over me.

The one thing I will never understand is why some people have to be so negative towards others…I shared my need for prayer, for high anxiety and for the most part I received encouragement but there always seems to be that one that has to say “everybody feels anxious and has difficult times so just quit dumping on people.” I was a bit taken a back but then someone else posted…never be ashamed or fearful to ask for help. Thank you!!! And a couple of people shared their favorite verses with me (which happened to be the same verse)

Cast all your cares upon Him Embroidery Design 1 Peter 5:7 | Etsy

The Message states it: 4-5 When God, who is the best shepherd of all, comes out in the open with his rule, he’ll see that you’ve done it right and commend you lavishly. And you who are younger must follow your leaders. But all of you, leaders and followers alike, are to be down to earth with each other, for—God has had it with the proud, But takes delight in just plain people.6-7 So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you.

And God reminds me

Joycyjoy on Twitter: "📖Psalm 92:10 NLT But you have made me as strong as a  wild ox. You have anointed me with the finest oil.… "

That even though I may think I am weak in Him I am strong and He is always with me. And my favorite verse out of the chapter is

Psalm 92:14 AMP - They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall  be fat and flourishing;

because some days I feel really old, I question if we should be parenting at 63 & 65 and then I am reminded when a little one says “thank you for playing cards with me” or “I want Ms Ali to tuck me into bed and pray with me” that even in my “old age” God can and does still use me.

And out of the blue, like last night when I got a call from our girl, April, wanting to Facetime with me and shows herself hugging her unicorn I made her and just says “I love you Mama Ali and I miss you.” Makes this mama’s heart burst with love and I know I am doing what I need to be doing!

Take a Step into Purpose Quote of the Day and Scripture Focus -

And I am encouraged that God is faithful in His promise that He will never leave me!!! And I am never alone!!!

What do you do when you feel anxious?
Or over tired?
Or questioning whether you are doing what is what you are supposed to be doing?


Just going with the flow ~

And flow it did…we were in a Tornado watch then an Hurricane watch for most of Tuesday and Wednesday. We got over 3 1/2″ of rain in 24 hours. The ground is definitely saturated and we are thankful that the campground has staggered our sites like giant stairs…the water flows down the circle driveway…though we do feel bad for those camped at the bottom of the circle as their campsites have about an inch of standing water. Hopefully the heat of the day will dry it out quickly.

We just hunkered down in the trailer for the length of the storm. We have been watching a series on Netflix called “Greenleaf.” It is about a family who leads a church in Memphis but it is not all goody-two-shoes…it shows that no matter the positions one holds in a church people are still human. Some parts are funny yet some are pretty sad but really the series is full of real life people and how some make good choices, some make bad choices and that no matter what there are consequences for our choices.

We had a great week off in spite of the storms…Friday Danalyn and I went for pedicures. It was fun to have some girl time together and I know my feet sure appreciated the extra care. We then watched a bunch of different YouTube videos the boys wanted to show us and ate pizza…lots of pizza. I must say, Marcos Pizza did a great job with making the pizzas, delivery was perfect even though it was a bit pricey for us. But hey it’s not like we do pizza every night! Next time I want to try their cauliflower crust pizza!!

Sunday we made our way to Dan & Lynda’s (Danalyn’s parents)for the afternoon and a BBQ. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault…we had BBQ burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, baked beans and veggies + chips, dip and Danalyn’s Pico de gallo!!!! We watched Independence Day! and the little boys went swimming! All in all it was a great day!!!

One of the things I have been wanting to do is to get a new Bible. Before we left Yoakum, I had shared with our girl, April how I liked my devotional Bible and she was feeling really sad that we were leaving so I gifted her my Bible. I hear from her that she loves reading the notes I have written throughout it. That warms this Mama’s heart. Anyway, Ron and I went to Books A Million (like a giant Barnes & Noble)…oh I could spend hours in there. I never knew there were so many different Bibles out there…kids, teens, women, men, couples, study, coloring and the list goes on and on.

I ended up getting the (in)courage devotional Bible

I got the light blue one. And of course, I had to get a new set of Bible pens and tabs!!! In the back there are a bunch of different weekly Bible devotions and reading plans. I started on the first one “Beautiful Brokenness and is a 5-week study.

I am enjoying the study…day 1 was found in Luke 7 and I was reminded how God’s grace extends to so many even with one situation…it doesn’t just affect me but those who I come into contact with.
One theme going through this chapter is compassion:

Luke 7:13 - Scripture Printable - Meditations by April

To care for one another, to be sensitive to what someone else is going through. I’m reminded by something I saw on Facebook:

You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always | Popular  inspirational quotes at EmilysQuotes
Another way to look at having compassion for others.

Give grace to others, just as God has shown us grace over and over.

Day 2 came from Genesis 29

Fall in Love – Genesis 29:9-35 | Liberty Live Church

One of the phrases that really gave me reason to pause was
“Time doesn’t wait. When we count the moments, the moments count.”
A very vivid reminder to be in the moment, appreciate what is going on in the moment and those who are in my life at that specific moment. If in the moment I respond harshly I am not sharing God’s grace to that person but also that person will probably become grumpy as well and it just continues from one person to the next. But if in the moment, even when I’m frustrated, I take a deep breath and respond in a positive loving manner then that kindness will flow from one to another. I want to continue to count the moments and to make each moment count. It’s another reminder to be intentional in all I do. And to find the joy in the moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t have some difficult moments, it just means I need to remember the difficult times won’t last forever.

God Moments 2 - The Faith Building Power of God Moments - YouTube

And this is what gives me hope, hope in the future, hope in healing and healthy relationships…by looking at how far I’ve come, how the Lord healed a very angry teenager and young mom, and showed me through so many people in my life that God has been with me every day of my life EVEN when I didn’t feel his presence.

One of my most favorite poems is Footprints in the Sand.” I love the feel of sand under my toes, I love to sit on the beach and listen to the waves as they crash against the shore.

The Footprints in the Sand poem Christian Poem | Etsy

When we lived in Pierce and King Counties in WA state, I loved to go to Flaming Geyser state park. I loved to sit on the banks of the river and watch the water flow away. Once in awhile I would put my toes in, the water was always freezing!!! As I would sit there I would toss little pebbles into the water and pretend they were my troubles and watch them disappear…I often think of that time, reflecting back on how peaceful time seemed sitting along the flowing water and how I would often pray.

Floating the Green River (Flaming Geyser State Park to SE Auburn-Black  Diamond Rd bridge). - Review of Flaming Geyser State Park, Auburn, WA -  Tripadvisor

The water rushing by was like God’s grace in my life…always flowing, never ending and always enough just like God is always enough…

God is always enough |

One of the things in Genesis 29 that also spoke to me was comparisons…how Rachel and Leah were compared one to another. I often hear my mom saying in my head “well Joanie would never have done that” or “if that happened Joanie would have told me.” Comparisons can be so hurtful and even deadly. Maybe one reason Genesis 29 is timely for me are the many anniversaries that occur August to October in my life and I tend to wish for my sister to be a part of my life, but again I am reminded that I can’t make Joanie see the truth, that

Comparison is the thief of joy – Devi Venkatesan

And she has always compared my life to hers, she wants what I have or what she thinks I have had or have in my life. And I wish she could see herself for her and me for me, and that neither is better than the other…we each are! We are both loved by the Lord, we both have a niece that loves us and an aunt and cousins who would love to have her in their/our lives if she would only see that no one is better than the other.

And now I need to stop myself, before I rob myself of the joy in my life by wishing for things that may or may not ever happen…I am loved by many and have many to love. I am blessed beyond measure and have much to be thankful for!!

So I leave you now with the following questions:

1. Where do you find your peaceful place?
2. When you start down a negative path how do you change directions?
3. Do you have a favorite poem that speaks to your heart?


Saturday Morning Reflections

It is raining, thundering, lightning and just plain yucky outside BUT I am thankful for our little home on wheels where I am dry and comfortable.

I slept in this morning while Ron was the good Grandpa and got up early and drove 35 miles to watch Alex & Treyson play basketball. Sad to say they lost their game but was told they still had fun. Ron said they were just plain outsized! Better luck next time boys!!!

I took time this morning to spend it in God’s Word. My devotion for the day was found in Romans 5 and a friend recommended Romans 8 ~ so many good nuggets in those two chapters!!!

Romans 5:1 KJV - God's Healing Hands | Facebook

It begins “THEREFORE” and I am reminded of someone telling me that when you see the word Therefore it means to pay attention! So I am told because of my faith in the Lord I will have peace!!!

It continues in Romans 5:3-4

We all face trials and tribulations, storms (how appropriate as I sit here listening to the thunder/rain) but by keeping my faith in the Lord, I know HE will teach me patience, help me through any storms of life just by keeping my faith. It doesn’t mean things will always be easy but it does mean I will never be alone!

Then in Romans 5:8 it starts out

Romans 5:8 While We Were Yet Sinners - Free Bible Verse Art Downloads -  Bible Verses To Go

BUT GOD, this phrase has spoken to me so many times in the past few weeks…BUT God, God is in control, He knows what I need and when I need it…keep trusting God in all situations!!!

The theme for Romans 5 is that God wants me/us to think, speak and behave rightly and that HE will give us just what we need when we need it. God will never require us to do something without giving us the tools to do what needs to be done. We need to open and willing to accept what He is offering to us. If we/I am constantly thinking negative thoughts about myself or that something is wrong with me my life will reflect the negative BUT by thinking of the positive things happening in my life, looking for the good in myself and others will keep me on the right track of life.

And this is so true in our lives as we work with our foster kids, if we only focus on the negative that is all we will see BUT if we focus on the positive, the better choices they make, encourage them instead of tearing them down they too will begin to live and reflect the positives in their lives. One of the lessons in the many hours of training that we just completed for work really stuck in my mind…try to think how my words/requests/directives can be worded in a positive manner. Instead of focusing on what the kidlets didn’t do, focus on what they did. I think of our little L ~ he doesn’t always put his dirty towels/clothes in the right basket but he does get them to the door of the laundry room ~ so I say to him “Thanks L for bringing your dirty clothes to the laundry room!!!” And I think next time we will work on getting them into the basket and not just on the floor THEN I think about Ron, he is 65 years old and sometimes he still can’t get his dirty clothes into the laundry basket but tosses them on the floor right in front of the basket…if he can’t remember to put them in the basket how can we expect a little 7 yr old to do that ???

Romans 8 starts out the same

Romans 8:1-2 — Verse of the Day for 02/24/2015

Therefore ~ Pay Attention!!! We are not condemned to die forever if we love the Lord!!!! God continually encourages us through His word, through those who are in our life. He is constantly encouraging us “you can do it, come on try again!” Just like we need to be doing for others in our lives…especially our little’s in our care.

Romans 8:5

Romans 8:5 ESV

Makes me think of jello ~ if we put jello in a mold, it comes out looking like the mold…so if I pour into myself the love of Christ, then His love will come from me. (I sure hope that makes sense).

Romans 8 ends with

Pin on Bible


Romans 8:38-39 - Bible verse of the day -

And I am so encouraged. Not that all things that happen to me are good by themselves BUT God is Good and through him all things work towards good. I remember sitting in Pastor Charles’ office so many times, expressing my biggest fears and he would say “what is the worst thing that could happen?” and I would say Ron would die…my biggest fear, being left alone without my loving and caring husband, the one person in this whole world who has loved me with all my foibles, through the good and difficult times. And then smiling, Pastor Charles would say “yep it would be hard for you (me) to live without Ron but if Ron died he would be with Jesus and that is the best thing ever!!!!” He would continue “and you would never be totally alone, you are loved by so many, especially by the Lord.” And even today as I sit in our little home on wheels, not having any friends physically close by I am reminded that I am

Blessed Beyond Measure Quotes. QuotesGram


If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us? Pictures, Photos, and Images for  Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter


What are the things you tell yourself that are just not true?
Can you change the negative thoughts to a positive one?

I want to wish all who are reading my blog today many blessings and pray that you know you are loved!!!