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Month: April 2020

  • Be Kind

    A lot of things have been on my mind for the past 24 hours, that’s probably why I woke up about every 45 to 60 minutes in the night 😦 I am tired of negativity and bashing for having differing opinions/thoughts/feelings as other along with arguing and name calling. I just want calm and peace……

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  • Looking for the Positive & Rambling On….

    It’s been awhile since I have written anything. The never ending cycle of my life…so much is going on and then again not much is happening in my world…being a Home Parent for 11 days, then resting & crocheting for 3 days, then 11 days of being a HP, then three more days of resting…

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  • Thoughts to a Friend’s Post on Facebook

    My friend, Pamela Richards-Woodall, wrote the following on her Facebook page earlier today: If I have offended you in any way I apologize!Please examine your words before they pop outta your mouth! Power of life and death are in the tongue! If you personally don’t know why someone has issues with this or that, ask…

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  • Focusing on What’s Important

    As I wrote the other day…life has been a struggle for me and like in days and years past I let my emotions control my actions…I had a counseling session scheduled for today BUT yesterday in the middle of my angst I cancelled it ~ DUH…now more than ever I really needed that time to…

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  • Catching Up

    I’ve been pretty quiet the last few days…are you wondering why? I have been very under the weather…temps running 99.8 to 100.4 since Thursday. This morning it was 96.8!!! I was so excited. I have been hibernating in our apartment while Ron has been holding down the fort. I have gone into the main house…

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  • April Fool’s Day

    April Fool’s this year is a bit different…in years passed I have pulled a couple of jokes…like in 2011 when we were working at Lone Star Corral in Hondo, TX and I posted early in the morning that at 5:00p I was heading for home. And left it at that. I turned off Facebook. I…

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  • Response and Thoughts to a Friend

    Response and Thoughts to a Friend

    I was chatting with a friend today and she had tears seeping out her eyes. I asked if everything was okay….DUH, of course not, she is crying you fool!!! Later I sent her a message and asked if there was anything I could do for her…and our conversation went like this: (My Friend) No worries.…

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