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Month: December 2019

  • And the Lessons Continue ~ III

    One would think that at 62 years of age, not every day would be a learning day, but learning continues each day in my life… …to continue how the Lord is working in my life… I did something for someone this Christmas that I thought was wonderful Boy was I wrong First I was upset…

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  • Raw & Uncensored ~ II

    What a day it has been…got one kid off to his sponsor’s for the weekend, went to Victoria, Texas that is…still waiting for hubby to take me to the other Victoria…you know the one off the coast of British Columbia!!!  Got Ron’s new glasses…well one pair, his sunglasses ~ the gal ordered the wrong pair…

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  • Continuing to Grow and Learn ~~ RAW and Uncensored

    Each day is a new day, each day is a new opportunity to grow and learn, sometimes those opportunities are painful and confusing,  guess if it was easy I probably wouldn’t learn stuff… this past week has been a difficult one and yet filled with so many blessings. I tend to focus on the negative…

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  • How Does the Lord Speak to Me ~ Mysteriously and Amazingly!!

    It’s been a rough few weeks as a house parent here in Yoakum, TX, feeling like our wheels were spinning out of control, wondering what could we do differently, what were we doing right?  Asking ourselves question after question and crying way too many tears…one day in desperation I posted on Facebook “I give up! …

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  • December Already

    Once again I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last wrote here on my blog.  I have been trying to write a little something each day in my day planner/journal ~ some days it’s one sentence sometimes it four or five… This morning the desire and urge to write is strong…

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