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How Does the Lord Speak to Me ~ Mysteriously and Amazingly!!

It’s been a rough few weeks as a house parent here in Yoakum, TX, feeling like our wheels were spinning out of control, wondering what could we do differently, what were we doing right?  Asking ourselves question after question and crying way too many tears…one day in desperation I posted on Facebook
“I give up!  I don’t know what to do!”
And my bestie replied “Pray!”
And so I laid my head in my hands and cried out to the Lord.
I was feeling so incomplete, a lousy home mom,
and wondering what to do with a child who just didn’t seem to want to learn, accept responsibility for her actions, who was doing the blame game like a pro and was defiant at every corner and turn.
So I cried out to the Lord!!!
Help me, please help me!!!
And then looked up some scripture and this came up
Image may contain: text
I poured my heart out to my Bestie in an email, she knows me and yet is not involved in the trenches of being a home parent, I cried on my sister here at BBYR and reached out to our ladies prayer group to pray, just pray for me, for the little girl, for us, for our home.
And what came to me, through my prayers, through the sweet counsel of words from my Bestie, encouragement from my sister is
and that’s what we need to do
We need to take the chaos of these children’s lives
and lead them to calmness.
This resonated with me
for I was once the little girl, young adult, young wife & mom
who’s life was filled and swirled with chaos…
…why didn’t I see it…maybe because I am too close
But with the loving and encouraging words
and being open to what the Lord wanted me to see and learn
is that it is my responsibility to
be the CALMNESS in our lives of CHAOS!!
I found these…they all spoke to me…
is this bridge from land to sea
or a mountain top to the sky
I see water a little turbulent on one side
and calm on the other…with a walkway to between
I have chosen to be the house mom to these three little’s
and God has shown me this week,
over and over
He is Perfect,
not me!
He is filled with Love
and can fill me with love for these kiddo’s.
Remember it is God’s way, not mine!
Every resource I have is from the Lord,
He is enough and will provide all I need,
each and every step of the way.
Remember to say YES!!!
Remember to pick my battles!!!
Remember we are all a work in progress!!!
And sometimes it’s okay to say
Lord…help me!!! I don’t know what to do!!!
Set boundaries but know some can be changed
And from our sermon yesterday…
…”I don’t have to be afraid of something being taken from me, or in giving to those who ask of me, or in lending of what I have to others.  I am even free to give to my enemies!!!
And even though sometimes it feels like these kiddo’s are out to get me…
…really all they want is to be loved!!
And isn’t that what we all want:
Image result for i want to be loved
So to answer the question I asked at the beginning:
God speaks to me through His Word, friends, in the quiet of the morning hours, through songs, through sermons and in my heart.
How do you hear God speaking to you?
I like to choose a word or a phrase for each year.
Past words have been
grace (to myself and others)
and this year,
the theme of the past few weeks
have been
Chaos to Calmness
and so I am choosing
I want to be CALM in my spirit…
CALM in my heart…
CALM in my reactions…
CALM in my tone…
and have
CALMNESS in our home!!!
Do you choose a word to focus on throughout the year?
I give up!!!
I don’t know what to do????
I give up!!!
I don’t know what to do????

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