Continuing to Grow and Learn ~~ RAW and Uncensored

Each day is a new day,
each day is a new opportunity to grow and learn,
sometimes those opportunities are painful and confusing, 
guess if it was easy I probably wouldn’t learn stuff…
this past week has been a difficult one and yet filled with so many blessings.
I tend to focus on the negative though most people think I am positive and encouraging…I try to be, especially to others but not so much to myself.
My Word/Phrase for 2020 is
Chaos to Calmness
And the Lord has been encouraging and challenging me in so many ways.
One is this study
It is supposed to be an 11 ~ 12 week study but I have decided to take it slow…one page a day and truly focus on what I am reading and learning about.  It is a combination journal/coloring book study…right up my alley!
This morning Ron was up with the kids and I buried myself in my recliner with a cup of coffee, my Bible, the above book, my colored pens and just sat for a few minutes.  
As I began to read pages 9 to 13 ( the introduction and through the first page of chapter one) I would find myself racing to read and then telling myself slow down, listen to the words, understand the words…so many things jumped out at me…
… even though Paul was no stranger to hardship, he weaves threads of joy, unity and Christlikeness throughout his letter to the Philippians.  He encourages us to stand firm!   Philippians fills us with hope of God’s promises and His faithfulness.
Time…things happen over time and it takes 
for things to change, that change could come in an instant like someone dying in an accident or days or weeks or even months and years … like someone dying from a serious illness like cancer.
And I need to remember to give myself TIME to enjoy each day,
time to be in the Lord’s Word,
time to be with family & friends,
It takes time to get somewhere and so it takes time to heal, learn and grow.
And my time today to write is ending as we have
errands to run and things to do with these kiddo’s and my hubby
so I leave you for now…
…stay tuned for more!

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