God Did it Again!

I often say
“I can’t believe God meets me right where I am”
HE has done that once again.
Yesterday I took a break from gate~guarding 
and drove to Kermit, TX to meet up with a new friend.
We met through a mutual friend ~ all three of us being gate guards!!
Anyway, on the way back I was
having a chat with Jesus
about some of my frustrations,
lots of my joys,
many of my concerns
and life in general.
This morning
(2:30 AM ~ it really is morning)
I grabbed my little devotional and turned to today
 (sorry for being blurry, I was trying to keep the shadow off)
but the title says it all
Give Up on Worry!!!
I tend to worry about everything and anything.
I am a planner by nature.
I love my calendar,
to make lists,
keeping a schedule.
Back up to earlier in the day ~
I got an email from my bestie, Dee,
and she had written
Something I’ve noticed – you are SO much more flexible! It used to be that you had to have a set plan and if something happened that made that plan change, you would go into a panic. Now, you know that the plan will probably change and you are ok with that. I’m proud of you!!”

I had shared that with Ron 
and we talked about how I used to be
~ if things didn’t go as planned,
watch out Tornado Ali
would be on the warpath!!!
For those who have known me for many years,
you know how true that was ~ the littlest unplanned change would 
send me into a tailspin ~
and yet, look where I am today.
I give thanks to God
for healing me of so much pain and anger
that permeated my life for so many years.
I give thanks for a husband who has been with me for almost 43 years,
for the renewing of our faith in Christ
in the back of our little Datsun pickup in February 1976,
and all those who have been a part of our lives
over the years.
Way too many to name,
because I know I would forget someone,
but know that we are blessed beyond measure
and that God has faithfully taken care of us over the years.
Something else happened today
to remind me of how God has guided me
and how I have learned to use healthful thinking (mindfulness) to 
keep the truth in the forefront
and the lies on the very back burner.
I found out today that my friend, counselor, therapist,
confidant, listener and sister in the Lord is retiring from some of her “jobs”
and immediately I thought
“WHAT???  What am I going to do if I can’t call Marla???”
Now, you need to know I don’t talk to Marla often, email once every six months and have not had a “counseling session” with her in over 8 years!!!
But immediately, the old thinking clicked in
reminded me with his word
Image result for matthew 6 34
during the early morning hours!!!
Thank you Lord, 
for friends who share their observations,
for the little devotional book I bought over a year ago
and for your unfailing promises!!!
Thank you Lord
for healing my heart
in so many ways!!!!

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