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Gate Guarding ~ What’s Happening??

We did our first gig of gate guarding at
McCamey, TX.
It took a bit of adjustments 
but we got a little schedule going.
We worked there from Friday, May 11 to
Tuesday  morning, May 14
when we moved to the 
Pecos Yard for one night.
And par for us ~ our plans changed once again…
Wednesday morning we were informed that we would not be going to Wink or to Orla 2 but instead be going to Barstow, TX
which is about 7 miles from Pecos, TX
So off to do laundry,
run some errands and then we were off to Barstow
The little blue dot is where we are and will be 
through the end of September
(well that’s the plan anyway)
This is the view out our back window…
all the trucks must come through right here so when
it’s hot outside we can sit in the coolness of 
our little home on wheels.
this was our first sunset on 
Thursday, May 17. 2018
and another view from our rig!
Our schedule sort of goes like this ~~~
A ~ work from Midnight/1 am to 7/8 am
R ~ work from 7/8 to 2/3 pm
A ~ I take a nap from 7/8 to about 10; then make brunch for us, take another nap from about noon to 2
A ~ I work from 2/3 till about 6 pm
R ~ takes a nap during that time
A ~ makes dinner about 6 (tonight I am making lazy man’s lasagna in the crock pot (will put it on after I make breakfast 😀)
R ~ works till midnight or so
So far it is working well.  During the midnight shift I do the computer work entering all the logs into Excel; email it to the office by 8:30 am (before I go lay down)
Our goal during the next few months is to work, not spend money and save $$
We have lots to do ~ reading, writing, Ron is scanning all of our pictures; I am taking my journals and putting them on the computer – still thinking I would like to write a book and this is one of the first steps, I am also crocheting – trying to make things using up my stash of yarn – thinking of going of going to sell things through friends and make gifts.
Right now I have a lot of cotton yarn for making dish cloths.  Ron came up with a suggestion to make a set of placemats, coasters and a couple of pot holders.  So thinking I might do that.
Ron also has a couple of projects on the trailer for this summer ~ reseal the roof, build some cupboards in our closets and also making our pantry a little more user friendly (it is very deep so awkward to get stuff from the back)
Well those are the projects we have thought about doing.
I say that, 
because I have talked with a couple of people who 
have been doing gate guarding for awhile
who had projects they were going to do
and have yet to begin!!!
So we will see.
Anyway, here’s a glimpse of 
our life of gate guarding!!
Well the first week anyway!!!

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