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Month: April 2022

  • Tired yet encouraged!

    I’m so tired this morning…I woke up just after 5:00 this morning with a low blood sugar…got up and took care of that, crawled back into bed and tried to go back to sleep…that didn’t happen 🥹 so after tossing for about 45 minutes I got up again. I opened my Bible and little devotional…

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  • Love How God Talks to Me!

    This morning I opened a little devotional book and found a few nuggets: ~ age and experience are an asset! ~ choices; we all have choices every day. I can either choose to live in fear and full of anxiety OR I can choose to embrace life, living each life bravely and with anticipation and…

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  • Keep Trusting!

    Life is hard at times and sometimes the hard part comes when you think things are going well and you are then caught off guard. That was me yesterday! This morning God gave me the verses above and below…to keep trusting in Him and not man or woman. What I read from above is ”…

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  • Good Friday ~ Really?

    Good morning on this chilly Friday from Gaffney, SC…yes we have arrived! Started our new jobs on Wednesday at Camp Sparrow RV Resort. To say things have gone smoothly would be an understatement. So let’s back up a couple of weeks… Last week we spent two days with sweet friends from Washington state who were…

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