Keep Trusting!

Life is hard at times and sometimes the hard part comes when you think things are going well and you are then caught off guard.

That was me yesterday! This morning God gave me the verses above and below…to keep trusting in Him and not man or woman.

What I read from above is ” Do not give up even when being or even feeling attacked.”

I wrote this to a Pastor friend this morning: It is beautiful here but yet still there is drama…maybe that’s what my traveling is trying to escape drama and God wants me to learn to deal with it instead….UGH…God always gives us a reason to learn.

Another friend asked me awhile back: was I running from something which I whole heartedly denied – but maybe there was truth to her question.

I know it sounds like I’m writing in circles and maybe I am … my want is to be happy, to enjoy life, to enjoy where I work and what I do. When we arrived here at Camp Sparrow I was excited, looking forward to making new friends, enjoying meeting campers from all over and having some free time to play with Ron, to check out the area and yet this morning I am in a place where my mind says, get in the truck and just go.

BUT GOD says, TRUST ME!!! I brought you here for a reason. So this morning I chatted with God…well I talked to Him, not sure it was with but more of to…

Remember His mercies are new every morning and He gives me grace abundantly and calls me to do the same for others…so as I sit here contemplating going to work I find myself crying out…Lord, please give me a heart of love, a face that smiles and a mouth that thinks long and hard before speaking. Help me to learn the computer system, to not fret about things I don’t have control over…oh yes…here comes FLEXIBLE

Shared by my bestie…she sure knows me!!!

And that is how I know God loves me and has a great sense of humor….take a word/topic that I have had to work on, learn from so many times that makes me shake my head in agreement and smile, reminding myself it’s not all about me!!! But wait ~ it isn’t???

Oh Lord, help me today to really trust in you, to seek you first before opening my mouth, to think before I speak and to be open and quiet to follow Your leading.

Before closing…a couple of urgent prayer requests

1. for baby Jesse who goes into surgery at 9:30a (EDT), pray for protection for Jesse, peace for his mama and daddy, for wisdom and guidance for the doctors

2. for Ron’s cousin, Erv who had a serious accident on Monday when he fell from a ladder suffering a traumatic brain injury and is in ICU. For his sweet wife, Anita, mom, Aunt Tiny, his children Ian and Ashley and their whole extended family. Pray for healing and comfort, strength and understanding, for wisdom for the doctors

and I ask this all in God’s name and His will…which is often so hard as we know what we want but is it what and how the Lord would work through things.
Just Pray!

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