Love How God Talks to Me!

This morning I opened a little devotional book and found a few nuggets:

~ age and experience are an asset!

~ choices; we all have choices every day. I can either choose to live in fear and full of anxiety OR I can choose to embrace life, living each life bravely and with anticipation and full of joy!

~ fear and anxiety rob me of joy!!!

~ embrace life with grace; grace for myself and others!

And then this memory popped up on Facebook this morning:

I just chuckled and thought “thank you Lord for this reminder ~ make good choices. Whether those choices be about food or getting outside for a walk, choose to speak kindly, extending grace and mercy and remembering I don’t know what others are dealing with at any given moment…so just extend love and give a smile!!!

~thank you Lord for the rest I got last night,
~thank you for the call from Aunt Tiny and the update on Erv ~ Lord continue to be with Erv as he faces many hurdles from his fall, be with Anita, Ashley, Ian and all the family as stand in love and support during this time, be with the physicians and nursing staff providing care
~thank you Lord for our jobs here at Camp Sparrow, help us to be the smile to those who need one
~thank you Lord that Baby Jesse came through his surgery, continue to work in his precious little life and give love and comfort to his parents as they walk this journey with this teeny, tiny little guy!!!

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