2017 is almost gone!

As I sit here in our little home on wheels, 
football is playing on the TV,
Ron is checking emails and Facebook on his phone,
Christmas lights are on
and all is calm in our home.
My mind has been racing
the past few days and nights.
Sleep has been alluding me at times,
like last night ~ only got about 3 hours of sleep.
I’m feeling restless inside,
looking for work,
have an option in Utah,
dealing with insurance company due to tire blowout,
trying to figure when the work can be done,
but don’t want to lose the two weeks we paid for
at Airport Park in Waco.
Put away most of the Christmas decorations,
house looks kine of bare.
left the Christmas lights up as we like the soft lights when the rest of the lights are off in the little house on wheels.
Thinking of changing up my blog ~
just not sure how to go about it
~ a page of recaps of the week
~ a page for my crafts ~ would love to make/sell just not sure how to go about that
~ a page for Bible Study ~ BUT wondering
if I can be honest to the core knowing others will  might read what I write
just not sure how to start or even where.
My body is tired today
but I don’t want to give into a nap
I want to be able to sleep tonight.
On another note ~ did some surveys/lists on Facebook
Which Bible quote is for January?
Image result for isaiah 41 13
Which word will support you in 2018?
Image result for gratitude
Word for 2018
Image result for growth
Which color will inspire me in 2018?
is the color of the sun
and it symbolizes hope, growth and change.
You have a big heart that
holds love for every being.
In 2018 you will spread positive peaceful vibes.

Which Changes will Happen in 2018?
Although there are exciting changes for you in 2018,
the biggest and most important change will
be your mindset.
After closing the door on a pretty tough
2017, you feel renewed and restored 
to live your best life!

Each of these things say something to me.
Now it’s time for me to take 
hold of the reins and go for it!!!

What are you planning for yourself in 2018?

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