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Saying sorry is hard to do ~
It seems lately I have been apologizing over and over.
For saying the wrong thing,
for over~reacting,
for something I did but didn’t mean too,
for crying at the littlest of things
for taking things too seriously,
the list could go on and on.
Someone wrote on Facebook that life just seems to be one thing after another.
Today during my quiet time
I thought of my life over the past few months,
lots of tears, lots of misunderstandings,
lots of miscommunications,
but the one thing that has been constant
is daily reminders that no matter what is going on
But I have sure failed Him!
And myself!!
And others!!
And I am reminded 
over and over
God has never run out on me
But I’ve run from Him,
from those who love and care about me.
I’ve run when I get angry,
when I’m scared,
when I’m hurt,
when my emotions are running strong,
when people say things that hurt my heart,
when I’m tired,
and for no reason at all!!
And that’s where I am right now.
Lord, I am such a human!!!
Lord help me to make things right,
help me to share your Love,
help me to 
And to
And that
I am so thankful that
And tomorrow morning will be here soon!!!

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