Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Month: May 2017

  • God is Teaching Me

    I woke this morning before the alarm went off thinking about today  and all the things that need to be done ~ changeover meeting ~ all staff meeting ~ pick up boys from school (two trips) ~ boys to swim tests ~ house meeting to check in with the boys ~ watch the Survivor finale,…

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  • Accepting the Challenge

    The Challenge: I heard the Lord say “So are you going to just  keep floating along or are you going to accept the challenge to do something? to do what your passion is? to follow where the Lord has opened windows?” This morning I woke up early, early for a day off anyway, and felt…

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  • Being Challenged

    Sometimes I find myself questioning what I am doing ~ I believe we are where God wants us to be ~ House Parents here at the Methodist Boys Ranch yet then my mind begins to wander and wonder if we should be somewhere else? Doing something else? Seeing only the negative and not acknowledging the…

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  • Better to Give than to Receive

    ““In this way we remember the Lord Jesus’ words: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” ” Acts 20:35 (ceb) Franklin sits on an empty milk crate on Fulton Street, a block down from my subway exit near the World Trade Center. I don’t know his whole story, but I’ve garnered bits and pieces: he…

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