Accepting the Challenge

The Challenge:

I heard the Lord say
“So are you going to just 
keep floating along
or are you going to accept the challenge
to do something?
to do what your passion is?
to follow where the Lord has opened windows?”

This morning I woke up early, early for a day off anyway, and felt the Lord calling me, to pick up His word and meet Him in my special place.

I grabbed my Bible, my 
Image result for pile colored pens
(yes I know I am a pen snob),
and my journal.
I opened my journal and the page is titled
Image result for commitment
and I laughed.
“Lord I know I need to be committed,
not having one foot in the door and the other headed down the road!”
There are so many areas of my life where I lack commitment…
…eating healthy?
I found myself thanking the Lord for bringing this to me today…
…only I can get myself healthy, no one can do it for me and I can’t do it for anyone but myself.
and I need to commit daily to getting healthy.
For today I focused on drinking water.
I drank 108 oz of water!!!  
My doctor wants me to drink between 100 & 125 oz of water ~
I am happy to say today I did it!!!
The scripture for today was
Image result for Psalm 37 5
And that’s how I began my day ~ 
committed to drinking  my water!!
May not sound like much but to me it is one step towards getting healthy.
And then I read Psalm 37
or at least I thought I read the whole thing 
but when I went to write about what I wrote I realized two pages had stuck together
so my reading today
(Ali’s paraphrase)
I read this Psalm as confirmation of what and how I am supposed to be
and also found myself thinking of what is it I want to be doing
today, tomorrow, the weeks to come and even down the road.
I want to:
…write my book on surviving, dealing with and coming out the other side of trauma
…encourage women that what happens to you as a child does not have to rule your life as an adult
…that no matter how bleak things look there is always HOPE!
…encourage parents you can stop the cycle of abuse
…encourage those that come from a difficult past that you can move to a positive future
 God can always turn the bad into good!!!
I was encouraged by my friend that right now I have the best of all worlds:
a job that pays well, a schedule that gives me time to focus on my wants and desires and 
tools available to reach my goals.
Please join me as I start this journey
of committing to getting healthy
and sharing how God has led me through some difficult times 
to seeing His love for me
and He can and will do the same for you.

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