Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Month: February 2017

  • Our Journey Continues

    Just not in the original direction! On Wednesday afternoon, after a good nap we went to the Extraco Center to see our boy J show his steer. Blurred on Purpose J got 7thplace ~ we are so proud of him for sticking with showing his steer as he had a lot of issues with the…

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  • Quick Update/Change of Plans

    Hello there!!In the RV world we say our plans are written in jello…even though we aren’t currently traveling in an RV we are traveling…we just finished a very stressful and looonnnnggg week at work at the ranch.  And thus we are looking forward to having three weeks off!!!Originally we planned on going to  but with…

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  • Back to the Grind

    We have been back to work for three days now. And like life in general we have our good moments and those we like to say difficult moments. And we know We have also had three in as many days!!   Yet we know and Hopefully the daily meetings are now behind us and we…

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