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Back to the Grind

We have been back to work for three days now.
And like life in general we have our good moments and those we like to say difficult moments.
And we know
Image result for Difficult days

We have also had three
Image result for staff meetings
in as many days!!  

Yet we know
Image result for Difficult days
Image result for Difficult days
Hopefully the daily meetings are now behind us and we can move forward.

And now we are busy planning our vacation!!
Three weeks off!!!
So we are going on a 
Image result for road trip
to see
Image may contain: 2 people and Image may contain: 3 people, drawing
in Missoula, Montana!!
From there we hope to see family
Image result for cocolalla idaho
and then travel to Arizona
to see family!!
and then make our way back to 
Image result for methodist children's boys ranch waco tx
Once we get our itinerary figured out we will share it
and hopefully I will be able to do some blogging as we travel.

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