Quick Update/Change of Plans

Hello there!!

In the RV world we say our plans are written in jello…even though we aren’t currently traveling in an RV we are traveling…we just finished a very stressful and looonnnnggg week at work at the ranch.  And thus we are looking forward to having three weeks off!!!

Originally we planned on going to 

Image result for montana
but with the weather forecasts of snow, snow and more snow along our route through Colorado, Montana and Idaho we have decided to change our trip…we are now heading east and south.

To Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and then returning to Waco ~ haven’t exactly figured out our return trip.  And right now we only have two confirmed stops, but only one for sure date…

Today we traveled from Waco, TX to Hillsboro, TX to have breakfast with our good friends, Gary and Amy…we had a good breakfast at the TA Truckstop and three great hours enjoying great conversation, laughter and tears!  Can’t wait to see their new place in March sometime!!!

And then we made our way to Wichita Falls, TX for the night.  We spent quite a bit of time checking routes, checking weather forecasts, sending emails and messages and have decided to make our way east.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to Nashville, AR. and are staying at The Southern Belle Inn recommended by our friend Danette!  Can’t wait to see her on Saturday!!!  Not sure yet if we are staying a second night there or moving on down the road…we will let you know!

Well I am about ready to fall asleep so had better put the computer down so as not to drop it.  

Talk to y’all tomrrow night and hopefully will be able to add some pictures of our traveling day!!!
Today I am thankful for a hubby who is willing to be flexible and who stopped 3x so I could pick up my crochet hook, my scissors and pick up my crochet hook again!!!

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