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Life is Just Full of Surprises

Greetings from the road

Yes it’s true…we are back on the road,
well for a few weeks anyway!
God has sure been busy in our lives.
A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes with us!
We began the process of looking for work closer to our children 
and grandchildren in July.  This Grammy has sure been missing all five of our grands
M, O, C, T
and A!!!
and of course our kids, Jamie & Suzanne and Brandon & Danalyn too!!
We applied for a job as Community Co-Managers with Holiday Retirement in the Oregon/Washington area.  After a series of emails, phone calls, and Skype calls
we were offered a position in the Portland, OR area…we will be about an hour
from Brandon and his family and seven hours from Jamie and his family!!!
This Grammy is so excited and Grandpa is too, if the truth were told.
Then planning the move.
First we had to share with Tim & Angela.  
It was with mixed emotions as our heart is with GUMI Camp USA 
and we totally support it and believe it is very much needed to serve 
our US Veterans YET we felt the Lord leading us back 
to the Pacific Northwest.
And then we had to figure out how to get the motor home and all our belongings to Oregon.
As you know we have lived in our motor home since November 2006!
We have traveled and worked in WA, TX and MO
and traveled through many different states to and fro.
The motorhome is almost 30 years old and with the last move to Cedarcreek, MO
something happened to the reverse/transmission. It would no longer go backwards.
So we prayed and felt like the Lord was leading us to
Donate the motor home to GUMI Camp USA
It is all set up and ready for occupancy and it will be available for volunteers and workers as needed.
And that is what we did. 
Many prayers were said, lots of emails back and forth, telephone & Skype interviews and more prayers were said.  Once we were offered the position things moved very quickly.
Earlier this week MoveBuilders dropped off a trailer for us to put all our belongings in.
Below are all of our belongings except for three suitcases,
a computer bag, and two other carry-on bags!!
 Here is Ron with the first of many loads!
Everything is in the trailer, almost ready to be closed up.
 All packed in and sealed up!
Hard to believe all our belongings fit in a space 3’x8’x9′
Trailer loaded and locked waiting for pickup
The Explorer towing the Jeep!  
We are ready to hit the road!!!

Thursday, September 17 we headed out, 
with our first stop being in Branson.
One last doctor’s appointment, one last chiropractor appointment,
stop by Golden Corral to say some good-byes, stopped at F5 Diner
for a couple more good-byes, dropped off some stuff at another friends
and at 2:30 PM we got on 65 headed towards Joplin…our first stop for the night!
Today, Friday, our second day of travel
took us 500 miles to Lamar, CO.
Tomorrow we will be in Pueblo, CO
to see 
Sunday will find us in Canon City, CO
visiting family.
Monday, September 21 we will be heading 
towards Gresham, OR to see 
Brandon and his family before we head off to 
Dallas, TX for two weeks of training
and then another week in Spokane, WA
before returning to the Portland, OR area and our new home and work.
Stay tuned and travel along with us
on our new adventure!!!

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