From Joplin, MO to Pueblo, CO

We have had two great days of traveling.
We left Joplin about 9:15 AM and landed in Lamar, CO about 7:30 PM.
We traveled across the state of Kansas and into Colorado.
Traveling by car is so different than with the motorhome.
No more making lunch or a snack while Ron is driving, potty stops 
are truly potty stops.  That’s okay though as it gets us out to walk around a bit.
One of the places we stopped was at a historical marker
marking the Sante Fe Trail.

And we saw some beautiful homes

We topped off the evening with a date night.

We enjoyed a fun evening with Joey Thurmond  & Moody Molavi

After the show we went out for a late night dinner
where the laughs continued.

So thankful for how the Lord has allowed us to meet some wonderful people,
make new friends, see beautiful country and most of all enjoying each
other’s company!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

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