New Beginnings ~ Part One

Please welcome the newest member of the Workentin family.
Alexander Victor Aren Workentin
arrived on 12/27/12
at 10:43 p.m.
weighing in at 9 lbs 11 oz, 21″ long
Daddy ~ Brandon
Mommy ~ Danalyn
Leading the Pack ~ Big Brother ~ Max
Then comes ~ Brother ~ Christopher
Not too far behind ~ Brother ~ Treyson
Alex looks a lot like his daddy at birth – double chin and all!

One contented baby and one happy Daddy!

Isn’t he precious!!!
We love you Alexander and can’t wait to meet you in person!! 
L to R ~ Christopher, 4 1/2, Treyson, 19 months, Max 14 years.
And we can’t forget the brothers 3!

Christmas Day 2012

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
                         Opal Rae                   Max, Christopher & Treyson          
Jamie & Suzanne’s daughter     Brandon & Danalyn’s 3 boys
Christmas 2012 was just us this year.
Top of the list was making turkey in our rig – this is the 6th Christmas in our rig and the first time making a turkey in it.  I checked with the local grocer/meat cutter and was told “of course, we can cut your turkey in half.”  When I went to the grocery store and asked the meat cutter he looked at me kind of puzzled but said “OK”.  And so I made our first traditional Christmas dinner ever in the rig.
What do you think?
Turkey & gravy
Dressing & Orange/peach jello salad
Yams w/marshmallows and Green bean casserole

Yukon gold mashed potatoes w/garlic

Finished off with brownies & rice krispy treats!
 And of course no special dinner would be complete without a catastrophe of some kind ~ Ron reached for a glass, hit the bowl of jello salad, it did a full flip landing right side up and leaving this mess on the way down.
Jello salad decorating the cupboard, rug and floor 🙂
And then we got to Skype/Facetime with all four of our grandchildren.  It was fun to hear about their day and what Santa brought them. 
 Christopher & Treyson making faces!

Opal … she sure reminds us of her daddy when he was this age.

Max – age 14!
Chris who loves to have his picture taken.
Treyson who loves to play with balls ~ can you tell he is hiding one in his hands.
Our precious Opal!
Different shots of the Workentin boys!

The Workentin Grands – 2012
Aren’t they cute???

One more of all four of them! 
And after a full tummy this is what Santa does

At the end of a great day!!!

Christmas Lights Around Branson ~ 12/23/12

After going to Friendly Baptist Church for the Candlelight service tonight we decided to drive around Branson and check out the Christmas Lights.  
The sunset as we were leaving for church about 4:45 p.m.
Another view of the sunset.

Ride the Ducks

Music City Center

Dixie Stampede
Dixie Stampede

Dixie Stampede

Carriage in front of Dixie Stampede

This is on the other side of Lake Taneycomo from Branson Landing

Bass Pro Shop

Outside at Branson Landing

Another view of the Nativity Scene seen from Branson Landing

Santa on an elephant in one of the window shops.

Looking down the center of Branson Landing

Christmas Tree in the center of Branson Landing (picture of tree earlier in the post was taken from the Jeep).

Love the tree in the background to the left.

A little blurry but look who we spotted out doing some last minute shopping.

1st Presbyterian Church.

Sorry for the blurriness ~ this is in front of 1st Baptist Church in Branson

Going up the drive way to The Chateau on the Lake

Chateau on the Lake

Clock tower in front of Chateau on the Lake

Spotted Santa’s sleigh in front of Chateau on the Lake
Hope you enjoyed this tour of Branson!

Forever Friends Slumber Party 12/15/12

Forever Friends of Branson, MO

We have a wonderful prayer and fellowship group. No one should be without friends. That’s what we are all about being true friends. If you are in the Branson/Springfield, Missouri area and want to learn more about Forever Friends send me a message.
Our Forever Friends group enjoyed an afternoon, evening, all nighter, Sunday morning fellowship and worship time together at the home of our host, Barbara F.  
We had lots of food, fun & fellowship.
We laughed, cried, hugged, teased, prayed and loved on each other.
Fellow-shipping and working – making all the wonderful goodies to enjoy!
You never know what someone is carrying in their back pocket.  All we can say is she was prepared!
Friends being friends!
Sites around our hosts home!
Calling out to Barb to get her ticket!  You had to be there to really know what was happening!
Eating, laughing, and eating some more.  Thanks Anita for the delicious soup and all the gals for their many contributions!
22 of us enjoying each others company, sharing gifts and laughing ~ so fun to do with friends!

The All-nighters learning how to play Nertz!  We played Nertz from just after midnight till 4 a.m.!  Can you say giggles, loud women, opening and closing the window (didn’t want the neighbors to call the cops on us) and just having fun!!!
We also had a sharing time, by candlelight sharing the many blessings of the Lord (sorry no pictures).  Thanks Tara for leading us in this special time.
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our friendships together. 

And special thanks to all our hubby’s and significant others for the girl time.  It was wonderful!

Celebrating 37 Years of Marriage!

We celebrated 37 years of marriage on 12/20/12!
We went to one of our favorite shows here in Branson
Grand Jubilee at Grand Country
The Emcees ~ Jim Dandy (aka Jamie Haage) & Michael Patrick
New South ~ Jason, Trey, David & Marc

The Grand Band

Many faces of Michael Patrick ~ top left and top right ~~ playing the piano, reading the Christmas Story, bottom two shots – candid emcee shots

Jackie Brown

The many faces showcasing the many talents of Jamie Haage

Elvis or Trey ~ not quite sure.

New South doing the YMCA and Jackson 5
We had a lot of fun and enjoy interacting with so many of the cast.
Special thanks to Mike Patrick & Jamie Hagee for making our evening extra special!

Wow Is All I Can Say

Yesterday we spent most of the day in Springfield, MO at
Randy Light’s Prosthetics
So I could get my artificial eye tweaked.
After about 10 minutes of looking, checking, thinking and looking some more, Randy decided he just didn’t like how my eye was looking (the new one made on 10/31/12).
So more tweaking was done and Randy said, see you at 1:30 p.m. – making you a new eye!
And all I can say is WOW!!!
Taken 12/1 – notice how droopy the left eye lid is.  This eye was made on 10/31/12.

See how open the eye lid is?  New Eye made on 12/19/12.
I can’t believe how close the lids are matched now.
WOW!!  Is all I can say.  Thank you Randy for making me feel beautiful!!
What do you think?

Happy 77th Birthday Mom

Today my mom would be 77!  She has been gone from this world for 7 years!  I want to think of happy memories of her today but instead woke up crying and feeling discombombulated…don’t get me wrong, I loved my mom, she was my mom yet when I think of my mom many hurtful and painful memories crowd in.  I didn’t have the best childhood but has anyone had the perfect childhood?

My mom and I didn’t agree on a lot of things and yet some things she shared with me I am so thankful for so those are the things I want to share ~

~ my mom shared with me the gift of reading.  One that I have passed onto my kids and it is exciting to see my grandchildren also love books and reading.

~ my mom told me I could go to any church I wanted as long as it wasn’t Jehovah Witness.  I was raised in the Catholic church but in my teen years I went to a small Assembly of God church where I met the Lord.  And when I was 17 I accepted him into my heart and he has been with me through the thick & thin of things in life.

~ my mom told me when I said I was going to marry Ron I could not just run home when we had a problem, “I made my bed and I had to sleep in it.”  And I know my mom and many others didn’t think our marriage would last – but in two days we celebrate 37 years of marriage!!!  I just love this guy and I know my mom did too.  Sometimes I think she loved Ron more than she loved me but that is for another time.

~ my mom told me the morning I flew to Holland to join Ron as I was blubbering that I was too scared to get on that big ole plane “go in the bathroom, wash your face with cold water, pick up that baby (Jamie) and do what you need to do.”  And I did and when I think of that morning so many years ago I have to chuckle because I did exactly as she said and I am so thankful I did.  And sometimes I still have to repeat those words to myself, like I did this morning after crying through some thoughts and things laying heavy on my heart.

~ my mom taught me to make her gumbo recipe (not the typical seafood or chicken gumbo you hear about from Louisiana) but her gumbo and every time I make it, I think of happy thoughts of my mom.

~ and she taught me there is nothing better than a York Peppermint Patty, especially delicious when it is wrapped in the colors of Christmas and frozen

(so I may be going to the store later today to get some 
York Peppermint Patties and the makings for gumbo)
~ she gave me the gift of enjoying long rides, hey maybe we will do that this afternoon, just go for a ride and see some of this beautiful country we live in.
and so I say “Happy Birthday Mom!”  And I really do love you!

Kicked in the Stomach – Leaving the ? ~ Now What

A Good Verse to Remember

Just got notified that we have lost our case with the Texas Workforce Center in regards to Ron’s unemployment.  My first thought ~ now what?  Second thought ~ how can that be?  More thoughts ~ why did the truth now win out this time?  What and how is it God wants us to respond?  Can they (The TWF( just pull the money paid to Ron out of our account? If so, we are screwed as there is very little money in any of our accounts.  I should just go to bed and dream of things of revenge.

AND THEN  I heard a little voice say ~ “you trust God, you believe in God, and you say this is all in His hands ~ is it really?”  YES!!!  So I stopped, asked for forgiveness for even thinking of wanting to get revenge and instead  I claim God’s word:

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

My life verse came to mind:     Proverbs 3:5-6             
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

1 Timothy 6:17b
  but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our needs.

And now I feel at peace again.  Still perplexed but know God has things under control.


Christmas at Silver Dollar City

Yesterday the weather was clear, crisp and cool so we decided to head over to Silver Dollar City for couple of hours and enjoy the Christmas scenery.  We had lots of fun ~ hope you enjoy spending the day with us and the sites all around.
First Stop ~ Dicken’s A Christmas Story
So hard to get a picture of the two of us – but you get the idea – we were enjoying ourselves.

This was on the head of the gal in front ~ definitely a distraction 🙂

The cast…love the costuming.

A look at Christmas Past.

Ron’s favorite – The Ghost of Christmas present.

Celebrating the joys of Christmas.
And then we were off to ~ listen to Tracy Heaston; we also like to watch him at Grand Country!

And then it was time for A Wonderful Life
Clarence getting his assignment.

George Bailey & Clarence getting warm after the near drowning.

George learning how much he is loved.

Clarence getting his wings and the cast rejoicing that all is well with the world.
A snapshot of the Christmas trees & homes throughout Silver Dollar City

Merry Christmas!