Forever Friends Slumber Party 12/15/12

Forever Friends of Branson, MO

We have a wonderful prayer and fellowship group. No one should be without friends. That’s what we are all about being true friends. If you are in the Branson/Springfield, Missouri area and want to learn more about Forever Friends send me a message.
Our Forever Friends group enjoyed an afternoon, evening, all nighter, Sunday morning fellowship and worship time together at the home of our host, Barbara F.  
We had lots of food, fun & fellowship.
We laughed, cried, hugged, teased, prayed and loved on each other.
Fellow-shipping and working – making all the wonderful goodies to enjoy!
You never know what someone is carrying in their back pocket.  All we can say is she was prepared!
Friends being friends!
Sites around our hosts home!
Calling out to Barb to get her ticket!  You had to be there to really know what was happening!
Eating, laughing, and eating some more.  Thanks Anita for the delicious soup and all the gals for their many contributions!
22 of us enjoying each others company, sharing gifts and laughing ~ so fun to do with friends!

The All-nighters learning how to play Nertz!  We played Nertz from just after midnight till 4 a.m.!  Can you say giggles, loud women, opening and closing the window (didn’t want the neighbors to call the cops on us) and just having fun!!!
We also had a sharing time, by candlelight sharing the many blessings of the Lord (sorry no pictures).  Thanks Tara for leading us in this special time.
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our friendships together. 

And special thanks to all our hubby’s and significant others for the girl time.  It was wonderful!

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