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Christmas Lights Around Branson ~ 12/23/12

After going to Friendly Baptist Church for the Candlelight service tonight we decided to drive around Branson and check out the Christmas Lights.  
The sunset as we were leaving for church about 4:45 p.m.
Another view of the sunset.

Ride the Ducks

Music City Center

Dixie Stampede
Dixie Stampede

Dixie Stampede

Carriage in front of Dixie Stampede

This is on the other side of Lake Taneycomo from Branson Landing

Bass Pro Shop

Outside at Branson Landing

Another view of the Nativity Scene seen from Branson Landing

Santa on an elephant in one of the window shops.

Looking down the center of Branson Landing

Christmas Tree in the center of Branson Landing (picture of tree earlier in the post was taken from the Jeep).

Love the tree in the background to the left.

A little blurry but look who we spotted out doing some last minute shopping.

1st Presbyterian Church.

Sorry for the blurriness ~ this is in front of 1st Baptist Church in Branson

Going up the drive way to The Chateau on the Lake

Chateau on the Lake

Clock tower in front of Chateau on the Lake

Spotted Santa’s sleigh in front of Chateau on the Lake
Hope you enjoyed this tour of Branson!

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