Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

I know I am a couple of days late but we have been busy! Brandon, Danalyn, Max and Christopher arrived about 9:00 on December 23. It was so good to see them safe and sound. They said they had no problems on the roads and for that we are thankful.

Christmas Eve found us going out for lunch; the first place was closed so we ended up at IHOP…what a fun table we had with the whole family together. Christmas Eve night we had a ham dinner and then went to the Birch Bay Bible Community Churches Christmas Eve service and then drove around to see a few Christmas lights. We called it an early night as Ron, Danalyn and Christopher were fighting colds.

Christmas morning we opened gifts and then us older folks and the littlest ones took a nap. We joined back up for a turkey dinner in the evening. We laughed a lot and enjoyed being together as a family.

December 26 Jamie, Suzanne and Opal went to Wendy & Bryce’s for the day and Brandon and Danalyn went off for a ride and out to lunch. Grandpa and Max watched football and basketball while Grammy and Max took a much needed nap. In the evening we joined the rest of the Workentin’s at Olive Garden for dinner and time together.

As I reflect on the past few days I am thankful for the trip that Brandon, Danalyn, Max and Christopher made from Lewiston to Blaine so that we could all be together for a few days. What a fun time watching the cousin’s getting to know each other and Opal and Christopher playing together ~ they chased the ball, played with the play food and chased each other around the trailer. Max built one of his new Lego sets and the adults visited and laughed together. It was the best Christmas gift this mom could ask for.

Now the motor home is quiet, Ron is napping or watching football, not sure which and I am catching up on emails, posts and Facebook.

Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 New Year!

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