February Thoughts

It’s February already! Where has January gone?

We seemed to have just muddled through January. Work for Ron has been very slow. He worked at The C Shop and then remodeled a bathroom and other stuff for a friend out in Sudden Valley. Hopefully work will pick up for him. I am still working about 5 hours a week for our church. I have been working on the Annual Report for the C&MA denomination and getting ready for the Annual Meeting at Northwood. I did a couple days work for The C Shop. And it’s that time of season where we are involved in the Blaine Boys Basketball program ~ Ron runs the clock and I do the score book for the home games.

We are currently at NACO and will be here till the 20th of February. We then do a lot of moving around. We go to Beachwood on the 20th and then begin house sitting for friends on the 24th of February until the 2nd of March. Then we will go back to Beachwood for a week.

I was blessed to be able to attend the Women of Whatcom Ladies Conference last weekend. I found myself being challenged and reassured of my relationship with the Lord. Challenged to not only trust God in the big things in my life but for the every day little things that niggle at heart (worry and anxiety). I was reassured of God’s love. I was reminded how God loves me just the way I am and that there is nothing that can change that.

February finds us going to Seattle for an appointment with my ocularist. Christie makes my artificial eyes and checks the socket for any abnormalities. Still doing basketball and planning to house sit for friends.

Our prayer for February is that God will open doors for employment for Ron and that we will continues to seek His will for our lives.

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