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Monday Morning Meanderings ~

I am amazed at how life is like a roller coaster…Saturday was a good day. Sunday morning started out hard: self doubt, self condemnation and being tired, oh so very tired. I grumped at Ron, wanted to hibernate ~ what’s new? Shortly after I got up I got a text from a SC friend asking if I had any toboggans on hand for a friend of hers dealing with cancer. No, but I could make some…she ordered three. I was in the process of making a bucket hat…it was a challenge that’s for sure. I started on the first hat for her (making three total). I was feeling a bit better, a bit needed.

Ron took a nap in the afternoon so I binged watched Dateline (one of my favorite crime shows) and crocheted away. Made Ron’s lunch and dinner and got him out the door for work. And kept on crocheting and watching Accomplice to Murder another new crime show that I am enjoying. Texted with Ron when he got his first lunch (9:30p) and kept on crocheting. The next thing I knew it was 1:30a!!! I put up my crocheting and crawled into bed…didn’t fall asleep until after 2:45a!

I had some strange dreams…one we were home parents in a large group home and they had had a huge Christmas party and we were on the clean up crew ~ so much confusion, so much food wasted! And then I was talking with someone who’s little boy came up to him (boy was a toddler) and he was a mess, he had dirty hair, looked like he had been crying, had ear wax oozing out of his ear and his dad didn’t care! Not sure what they were about but I did remember them this morning when I finally got out of bed.

The first time I got up it was 7:40 and CharlieBoy needed to go for a walk ~ took him for a walk, he did his business and we meandered back to the trailer. Came in and decided I was just too tired to stay up so crawled back into bed with Ron.

Wives: do you like to play with your hubby’s hair when they are sleeping? I don’t know why but I do. Ron’s hair, what he does have is getting a little long. Long enough to wear in a pony to work. It is soft and I fell back asleep rubbing his head and hair ~ don’t know if it bothers him or not, he didn’t say anything 😁

I fell back asleep and woke up just after 10:30a…I felt so much better. Took CharlieBoy for another walk, visited with Ms Cindy, our next door neighbor and then came back to the trailer. I am thankful we have plexiglass on the screen door – allows us to run the AC and yet have the door open and allow some sunlight into the trailer…the sky is blue, a very slight breeze is blowing and it is hot! 86° but feels like 99°!!! This high today is supposed to be 91° with a heat index of 106°!!! So thankful for the plexiglass!!!

I took my morning meds ~ the med saga continues…we finally got an appointment to see the new doc – it is June 16th! I’m trying not to stress. Ron was able to get his Entresto refilled so he is good on meds till then. The only one I am concerned about is my Metformin ER and my Lovastatin…no refills and no way to get a refill till the 16th. I have enough of both of them thru the 6th of June. It is what it is.

I got an email saying our registration of the trailer was expiring so went online to TX DMV and got that taken care of…$75.25 and tags should be here by the end of next week. Good thing we aren’t moving around!!! Tabs expire 5/31!!!

Made a decision ~ since the incident with GrubHub and my old email address I have decided to close out the ali1257 email account. I am in the process of downloading all my pictures from that account, importing email addresses and doing some cleanup…that account will be totally deactivated on 5/31! Don’t know why but it feels kind of good anticipating closing that account. How many email accounts do y’all have? I think one is enough!!! at least now anyway!!!

Wow! a giant thunderclap (like this one but it’s not night time!) just sounded and scared the you know what out of me! I knew thunderstorms were in the forecast but when you least expect it…WOW!!! Hopefully CharlieBoy won’t have to go out for a bit…LOL!

Back to life being a roller coaster ~ I don’t know why I still get amazed at how my feelings can go from calm to anxious, quiet to rumbling in a nano second but it does. Two different memes have come across my Facebook feed the last couple of days that have got me thinking…well more than normal I guess LOL.


I referred to the first one on Saturday when I wrote and I have still been thinking about it a lot. My friend Conny shared this comment with me “I think choosing contentment may be easier to accomplish. Joy is nice, but it is always fleeting and can leave us low again. Anyway, we all go up hills and come down again. Ebb and flow. Sometimes we just need to go with the flow without feeling badly about it.” and I think she has a good point ~ be content, something my Bestie and I have talked a lot about!! Going along with being content is my own struggle of the

thinking I get into it. When I reread what Conny wrote, her comment of ebb & flow really makes sense to me. Life is not stagnant! And wouldn’t life be boring if it was???

So today I am telling myself…I am okay just the way I am. I am who I am as God made me. I am loved beyond measure even when I forget that at times. So today I am going to enjoy what I am doing: on my plate is to finish the first of three hats, start and hopefully finish hat # 2, make Ron’s lunch for work ~ giving thanks for the food we have in our little home on wheels, make him dinner ~ okay taking the easy way out…he wants frozen burritos!!! And most of all I’m just going to be kind to myself.

What do you think ~ is life like a roller coaster or a smooth quiet body of water?
Do you have times where you go from calm and quiet to a loud thunderclap in a nano second?
What are some ways you take care of yourself?

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!!!

One response to “Monday Morning Meanderings ~”

  1. If it were me, I’d call the new doctor’s office and explain that your meds are going to be out on the 6th (and tell them what they are) and ask for a 10 day Rx for them both.

    Glad you are feeling better today, it can be a struggle, and your life roller coaster has been on overdrive!

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