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Just Needing to Talk ~

I don’t know if I want to scream or cry. I’m feeling so frustrated with just about everything. I don’t think it should be hard to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Our new insurance (Humana Gold) assigns us to a clinic. Yes we are new to the area and yes I know I will have to wait a few days to even a week but being told I can’t get an appointment for two months is crazy in my book.

Yes, if needed we could go to the Emergency Room but that is not what we need to do…we just need to get established with a doctor in the area, to get all our medications transferred to a local pharmacy. I get that there are laws and regulations but one would think in this day and time that prescriptions should transfer, pharmacies should be able to give an extra months supply when they look and see that you have been on the same medication for over a year!

It’s not like we are doctor shopping, we have moved. The first clinic we have been assigned to says we can’t get appointments till the end of June – this was with me calling the third week of April!!! Their website says they make same day appointments – so why is it so damn difficult to get an appointment. In this electronic world our medical records are available with a couple of clicks, it’s not like we have to wait for the Mayflower to bring the paper documents…I just don’t get it.

And this all frustrates me because I am trying to be the strong optimistic person, focusing on JOY, having PATIENCE and SELF~CONTROL but I feel like an

I know ANGER is not my friend and that getting angry usually causes me problems than success. I know my problems are not anyone’s but mine/ours…I hate depression or is it I hate the devil, he knows where to strike and how he causes me to doubt who I am, how right now I seem to flip from calm to explode in a matter of seconds.

So today I am choosing to stay off of Facebook, maybe take a nap (but I have to be careful because it’s easy for me to sleep the days away and fall into the depths of depression). Maybe I will work on a crochet project before going on Grammy & Grandpa duty, picking up T & C and then having pizza with the grands for dinner.

How do you handle frustrations?
How would you go about getting a doctor’s appointment within a reasonable amount of time?

Maybe I just go to Walgreens and transfer our prescriptions and just see if they will fill them?
I just don’t know!!!

3 responses to “Just Needing to Talk ~”

  1. When we traveled we had Walmart as our pharmacy. Still do. Never had an issue in the 7 years on the road except NY state. NY state law is that if the prescription did not originate in the drug store that was filling it, they could fill one time but remaining refills would be wiped away. No thanks, we drove a few miles to Vermont. When we moved here, tried a few doctors. Left messages. No responses. I wound up in hospital (forget what for). We told attending doctor. She suggested a doctor with a new practice. We got lucky. Our doctor had only been in practice a few months and we could not have asked for a better one. Glad we found her. Keep trying.

  2. I feel your pain. I called for my annual dermatologist appt in March and June was the earliest appt. and that wasn’t with my usual person. I called back in early April about a spot I think needs looking at, nope, nothing earlier than the appt I already have. And after every visit they say they’ll see you in a year but let them know if you have something you need looked at. Sigh…

  3. Oh Ali I feel your pain I have a Dr I love He left Spartanburg regional because they thought he took too much time with patients he went to another place didn’t work out so I am praying he is gonna relocate close to me probably gonna be Greenville but I will go He game me max refills so I’m good for a while
    It seems like healthcare is getting worse especially for old folks
    Love you enjoy those grands they will lift your spirits Susan

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