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Treats ~

My friend and sister in the Lord, Pamela Richards-Woodall shared this morning on her page and with her permission I am sharing it here:

Day 2 of being a new chicken momma!
The dogs walk with me to the barn where the chicken pen is at. Actually we placed the chicken pen inside the dogs acre sized pen. We’ll expand that soon.
Anyway hopefully the chickens will have an added level of security from being inside the dog pen
We’ve kept them in their little coop and run so they can settle down to their new digs and get used to me being around them.
I’m trying to be sure and handle them daily plus give them treats.
Eventually they’ll free range.
I’m hoping they will come when they hear the treat bag shaking and I call them!
As I’m talking to them this morning, it made me wonder, does God sometimes feels He needs to shake a treat bag for us to stop and listen to Him?!?
How sad is that!
Do we know His voice?
Have we surrendered our life to Him so we’re willing to listen?
Above all else, I so wanta listen for my Poppa’s voice and obey without needing a treat!

Thank you Pamela so much for the challenge questions you asked above:
Does God sometimes feel He needs to shake a treat bag for us to stop and listen to Him?!? Wow!!! As I read the above post I thought about our CharlieBoy and how he likes his treats. I think we all like treats! Yesterday after church we stopped at McDonalds and got a frozen drink before taking Alexander home. He thanked us multiple times for buying him a treat. You are welcome sweet boy.

And I think about God and all the treats (BLESSINGS) he has shown and given me. Safety every day on the road when we travel, whether a long day of travel or a short jaunt to the grocery store.

How He kept us safe from the severe thunderstorms and tornado watches this past weekend. Yes the trailer rocked and rolled a bit, but we were safe and warm inside!

I think about CharlieBoy and how he expects and knows that he will get a treat when he does what he knows he is supposed to do…like pottying outside!!!

And I think about Pamela’s question…are we expecting God to TREAT us when we do what we are supposed to be doing or do we do what we are supposed to be doing just because.

Paul said at one point..why do I do the things I don’t want to do but instead do the things I know I shouldn’t do….Lord help me to do what I KNOW to do!!! just because I know it!

Lord help me to see how you send me TREATS/BLESSINGS every day of my life!!!

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