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Savor ~

Savor ~ my word for the day. It comes from my lesson for my weekly ladies Bible study “Living a Chocolate Life.”

I believe God brings everything together and He is again for me this morning. A post from a pastor in a group I belong to on Facebook, my study this morning and the daily devotion our pastor at Love Springs Baptist Church shared this morning:

SAVOR – savor, enjoy, do not rush, take everything in that my SAVIOR is giving! I Cor 15:9-10

tells us to share what God has done/is doing in our lives. And we are made up of all those little things, because as we all know it’s the little things that really are the big things! My devotion closed with Romans 7:24-25 (my paraphrase)

Don’t dwell or linger in the mess, Acknowledge the issue, Seek God for solutions and then Move Forward…God doesn’t want us to linger in the muck and mud but to learn why we are in it and then share how God has brought us up out of the muck & mud. (Ali’s Paraphrase Romans 7:24-25)

PR shared: “The Lord keeps Blessing us and Blessing us and yet we keep asking for more.. BE CONTENT IN ALL THINGS. GOD is most Glorified in us when we are most Satisfied in Him… ARE YOU SATISFIED IN HIM.. Have a Thankful, Terrific Tuesday…. Make it a Good One – by Sharing and Showing Christ … LET’S DO IT !!”

Be thankful for God’s blessings and be content where you are planted caught my attention. I have a friend ask me awhile back, why do you keep moving, what are you looking for, what needs to happen for me to be content to be happy. I have thought a lot about that especially with what our life has looked like the last few months…God’s Word from PR’s devotion says: Be Content. God’s Words through my. quiet time this morning: Savor ~ take it all in and give Thanks for the little things!!! They really are the big things. The thoughts shared by Shane: be thankful for the little things, share the little things, it’s not always the big things that people need to hear about.

Today I’m going to focus on “Savor ~ take it all in and give thanks for the little things!!!

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