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A Good Night’s Sleep Sure Helps!

After a rough start to yesterday, a mini meltdown, along with lots of tears I got off the computer, talked with Ron about a couple of changes I wanted to do in the arrangement of stuff in our Little Home on Wheels as the space was feeling quite crowded, and then I vegged…well my way of vegging…I spent the afternoon frogging a big project I had started. (Frogging = Ripped Out). Rolled up all the yarn I had frogged and started on a new big project. And I ate chips & dip and zoned out watching TV.

Went to bed last night, praying that my ear would quit hurting, thinking about our funds or soon to be lack of, turned on some worship music and went to sleep. At least for a little bit. I slept for about two hours, was awake for a couple of hours, even got up and came out to the living room and zoned on Facebook for awhile, crawled back into bed and slept till just after 7. Got up, took CharlieBoy for a walk and then decided to crawl back into bed since Ron was still sleeping.

The next thing I knew, Ron was up, sitting on the side of the bed reading a text. In my mind, I thought he had gotten some bad news. I looked at the clock…oops it was 9:45 – church started at 10:00 – so realizing we wouldn’t make it on time I got up and decided to start cleaning and moving things around. Got one dresser tote that went to storage, tossed out a broken laundry basket, moved CharlieBoy’s kennel so it’s not in the middle of our little living space.

While cleaning and moving things around, Ron came out of the bedroom smiling. He gave me a big hug and said “I got a job! I start on April 23rd!” What? Yesterday we were told no job at Amazon, both of us feeling lost, scared and depressed and today Ron was smiling!!! His goofy smile without his front teeth.

Ron tells me when he woke up he checked to see if there were any new job postings for Amazon and there was one…the shift Ron wanted…Sun thru Thursdays 6:00p to 4:30a…and so he filled out the application and shortly got an email stating he got the job! He is scheduled for his drug test tomorrow morning at 9:30 and starts work on Sunday, April 23 at 6:00pm!!! ONLY GOD!!

Ron really likes this shift…he works nights yet gets off early enough in the morning that he can sleep for 6 to 7 hours, still have a couple of hours in the afternoon to do stuff and off Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we can do things with the kids/grands, go to church ~ a biggy for us even though you wouldn’t have known that this morning LOL.

So today we give thanks for how the Lord continues to take care of us, even in our wonder and fears. I opened one of my devotional emails ~

and cried…God was meeting me right where I was at…feeling like we/I am dealing with so much and yet here is HE taking care of our needs and making things complete. And that peace that passes all understanding enveloped me all over again. The peace that has been in my heart and surrounding me/us ~ not just the past week or months but all through our married life and even before that! And for that I’m thankful, so very thankful!!!!

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