A Few Days of Traveling ~ Part I

Last week we took off to take a friends trailer to them in New Jersey. We drove in snow, a tad of rain and lots of sunshine. We found out you don’t change directions on the GPS while traveling as it takes you to places you really wanted to avoid LOL.

Here are pictures of our travels from Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey…

Ron noticed how our arrival time was the same as the total driving time and we thought that was funny…after this picture we noticed this happened a couple of times on our trip…do y’all notice this kind of stuff when you are traveling?

And of course a little bit of crocheting was happening…this little chicken hat is for a newborn picture setting!

We had to get this picture because we thought the town names were pretty funny!!! And of course, since our original travels began in Washington (state) so many years ago any time we see a sign for Washington we think about home! How would you like to live in a town called “Buttzville?”

One of many beautiful churches we have seen in our travels.

As we were driving through New Jersey we saw this tire cover and immediately I thought – wouldn’t this be a great Christmas gift for our kids and grands LOL ~ shared the picture with them and what I heard back was “Mom, our spare tires are not visible LOL”

Stay tuned for the return trip from New Jersey to Kentucky!

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