Life ~

I should be paying bills but feeling so overwhelmed, not knowing who to pay first ~~ things continue to be stressful around the money situation though the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more than a pin hole…patience Ali…just keep trusting…that’s what I keep telling myself.

God has been talking to me a lot lately, especially through sermons and memories from counseling sessions and books I’ve read…I feel like I have lots to share but then wonder does it really matter if I write things out…but then I think I write for me, because I enjoy it.

One of the themes from the last few church services is being thankful, being blessed, being appreciative and God’s constant reminder to me to stay out of the negative pool!!!

Not even sure how to write this or organize my thoughts so here’s my favorite way to write…a brain dump…hang on…it may get long and crazy LOL!

Count your blessings…so that’s how I’m going to write today…by counting…

  1. A young couple in our church lost their 11 day old baby last week. Hearing that news really hit home…can’t believe it will be 45 years that Royce went home to Jesus. Thoughts of “what if” and “how come” have been fluttering around…oh we know the medical reason Royce died but it doesn’t change the ache in this mama’s heart to those baby snuggles. YES!! I am so thankful for Jamie & Brandon but like the poem Little Angels state “no heartache compares to the loss of a child” is still so very true.

    Blessings: 2 healthy sons who married two wonderful gals who blessed us with 5 grandchildren!!!
  2. Death in the family…Ron’s side of the family has experienced so much death in the last year…Uncle Merv, Cousin Larry, 2nd Cousin Jenelle, Cousin Erv are the ones that come to mind…I’m sure there are more

    Death in friends families: death of spouses: Tina and Marvalie…I can’t imagine what it is like to lose the love of your life, your mate and friend.

    So I give thanks that Ron is still here, that he is soon to be 4 years cancer free, this fall from the ladder wasn’t as serious as it could have been, that Ron loves me unconditionally and has shown me for almost 47 years how loved I am ~ just for me
  3. Thankful we have found a place to call home at Love Springs Baptist Church ~ I still feel like a visitor lost in the woods but am slowly trying to connect with people…PR (Pastor Ron) has been such an encourager even while facing his own struggles and his almost daily reminders…remember there is always someone who is struggling more than you/ME…give thanks to God for what we have not what we don’t have.
  4. Thankful for our job ~ oh it’s not perfect, things aren’t always done the way I think they should be done but that’s okay…we have a job in a beautiful part of the country, we are making friends with some of the long term guests, seeing joy on people’s faces as they camp and relax and we have a pool to use!!! Went swimming for the first time the other day…oh how much I enjoyed it and my foot doesn’t hurt while I’m swimming!!!
  5. Thankful for no major damage to our rig or truck during last night’s nasty thunderstorm and winds…we were safe and warm…okay maybe a little too warm but as the storm passed the cooler air came through and we got a pretty good nights sleep.
  6. Sunshine ~ it is so pretty outside and I love the view of the trees and seeing kidlets riding bikes and bouncing on the
  7. So thankful for a flexible schedule which allows for sleeping in some mornings and free time in the afternoons on those early morning workdays.
  8. Thankful for the welcoming committee at Love Springs Baptist Church and the cards that keep coming in the mail, encouraging us to attend services and get to know others.
  9. Thankful for technology that lets me keep in contact with our kids and grands…especially when one is under the weather.

  10. Thankful to be able to chat with friends and family over the miles…some in Oregon and Washington, those closer in Georgia ~ thinking back to our time in Holland in 1977-79 when making a phone call was $3 a minute!!! … we only made one!!!

My theme for today…being thankful and the reminder to stop comparing my life to others…do you have a theme for the day?
Are you thankful today?

2 responses to “Life ~”

  1. Thank you for the update!
    Yes, lots to be thankful for here in our home also.
    Our newest little grandson is strong and healthy! We are blessed.
    We wish Abbey and her family were here in the states, patience is hard, but we keep reminding ourselves that God has a plan.

  2. I remember those long distance calls and the costs. Oh how good we don’t have to keep track of the time now. But, overall, what was cheaper those calls or what we now pay for unlimited cell coverage. ________________________________

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