Reminders ~

I woke this morning from a dream where I was with Brandon (he was 4 or 5 in my dream) and we were on an elevator headed to take him to school (truly a dream I think most all of his schools were always one floor till he got to college 😏). There were probably 10 other parents/kids on the elevator and none of us could remember what floor the school was on…a gentleman got on, on the 5th floor, told us the school was on the 7th floor ~ now how did he know? As the door opened I picked up B and we stepped off…and then I woke up! What…I was a little shook upon waking but continued in my dream, hugging B and saying it will be okay….

Not sure what that dream meant but I got ready for work and opened my Bible (I have about 45 minutes before I head out the door) and it opened to my notes from last Wednesday night’s message by Pastor PR…I called it the 5 S’s

  1. God Strengthens us…

We interrupt this blog post to clean up the coffee mess from someone starting to make his coffee without putting the cup under the coffee spitter outer 😂🤣. Now if you knew the Alice from 35 years ago you would have expected the loudest and biggest volcanic eruption ever BUT FOR GOD! Ali of today, just got up, cleaned and wiped up the mess, not saying much except grab me some towels and got it all cleaned up and a new cup of coffee being made for my sweet hubby!!!

Back to our regular scheduled post 😁

  1. God Strengthens us…don’t look back at the “what if’s? but instead focus on all the possibilities that we have in our lives.
  2. God Saves us…sometimes even from ourselves, but by believing in Jesus, trusting Him we can and do have everlasting life.
  3. God Sympathizes with us…during the sharing of prayer requests we heard of a young couple who’s 11 day old baby had passed away. We don’t know the details but both Ron and I knew that we needed to connect with this young couple. After church we talked with PR, shared briefly about our baby boy, Royce. We told PR we would put together a card to give to them and PR will pass it on. Please pray for this young couple B & CJ and that Ron and I can not only sympathize with them but walk along side them during this difficult time. Our stories are different but we so understand the pain and thoughts, what if’s and how comes from our own journey of saying goodbye to a precious little one.
  4. God Sustains us…when things look impossible or scary, as we take a moment to breathe and remember all the hard times we have faced in our lives we are reminded that God keeps us together…maybe not together the way we think we should be together, but He keeps us moving forward, maybe a little zig zagging but we still move forward.
  5. God Surprises us! Look for the surprises in your life!!! They don’t have to be the million dollar surprise…but the surprise of being able to hear the little singing of the morning bird, or a sore foot not hurting quite so bad, for how we respond to different situations and are amazed that we (I) didn’t act like a screaming meamy over the the coffee debacle 😜

Or just in how God reminds us of different things he has done in our lives. My scripture reading this morning was from Luke 17:11-19 and titled “Returning to Thank the Healer.”

And I am reminded how much I have grown in the Lord and even on the hard days they aren’t nearly as hard as times passed.

As I sit and reflect on my life…I sort of see it in phases…the girl raised in a divorced home who suffered and experienced so many different types of abuse it’s hard to believe I even made it to graduate from high school ~ yep 47 years ago this past Monday.

The young girl who got married and was a mama before she understood all that would hold. The girl who decided that she wasn’t going to follow in the footsteps of parents who abused their children. The wife who truly wanted to love and be the best wife possible. Becoming a Grammy – the best job and responsibility ever.

But most of all, being the daughter of the King…knowing mistakes happen, but God is a loving and caring God who stands with, sits with and even carries you along when you feel you can’t do it alone.

This blog post has changed as I have written it…not even sure what all I wanted to say but the question going through my mind..


Am I Truly Thankful for ALL that my life is?
Am I Thankful for ALL who have walked this journey with me?

Sometimes I think that’s why I dream, to remind myself of people who have been a part of my life for such a time as this! Maybe a day or two, years or months
BUT for however long I am coming to realize that God does truly care for me and all that happens in my life at the time it happens.

As I’m sitting here, wishing I could gather everyone around me who has loved me, loved me in ways I never understood and let them know that through it all your love and care has not been in vain…but that I am the woman I am today because of how so many loved me through the years! And most off all, so thankful for a God who hasn’t given up on me and who helped me to see this morning that overflowing coffee is really no big deal! And by the end of this year I will have probably forgot about the coffee incident!

Go out today and give thanks!
Thanks for how the Lord
Surprises you!

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