Word for the day ~ PURPOSE

I don’t know about y’all but I believe God sends me little signs or prompts…if and when I am open to them…the last 3 1/2 days I’ve been open…it’s a choice. This morning I opened my Bible and a little devotional fell out. It’s called “Confident Living” by Warren Olson, put out by Senior Living Ministries. I must have seen an ad on Facebook or picked it up at one of the many doctor offices I have been in…anyway…I opened it up and the title of the lesson for today was “Live for God’s purposeful mission.”

I then opened my email and the devotion I get from Rick Warren is titled “Focus on your purpose, not your problem.” Okay God, I get the message, it’s not about me (even though I like to tell Ron it’s all about me 😇!) and I remembered a time I was so suicidal and emotionally down in the pits and Pastor Charles called and gave me an assignment…go and clean one of the members of our Northwood family whose wife had recently passed away…I didn’t want to go but I did (99.9% of the time if Pastor Charles said do something I did…but that’s another story for another time. I called Jack, set up a time and went and spent four hours cleaning his home. Even played with Orca (the dog who I was petrified of) and walked out feeling so much better emotionally and spiritually and a good kind of tired.

Focus on others ~ put purpose in my behavior and so this morning I think about my purpose…it’s different than it was a year ago, three years ago, 10 and even 20 years ago…but in reality it is the same…to love as Jesus loved, to care as Jesus cared and to be an encourager to those I come into contact with.

I got up and got ready for work this morning and then went for my little walk…

and while walking I found a squished beer can in the middle of the road…I bent down and picked it up (does that count as stretching😂?) and carried it home and put it in the trash. My mind went lots of places…why do people throw trash around? why don’t people pick up after themselves? I could just leave it and let one of the guys pick it up but instead I just picked it up and carried it home…didn’t cost me anything and now there’s a little less trash laying around. Which led me to thinking about

and how my lack of thinking about my purpose has contributed to my depression and worthlessness feelings and so this morning I thank Jesus for showing me I have purpose…

I have purpose in lots of areas…being a wife, mom, grammy, friend, sister, employee, aunt, and yes, even a troublemaker at times (all in fun!) and how in every role I am in, there is purpose ~ even if that purpose is just to pick up a small piece of trash or bring a smile to someone’s face!

So my question for the day ~ what is your purpose?
And that leads to ~ do you, like me, need a reminder that we each have a purpose and what is important is what we do with that purpose.

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