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Busy, Yet Reminded to Breathe ~ Lenten Season ~ Day 20

Time…oh how I wish I could stop it at times and other days wish it would move faster. The saying “time passes quickly” is so true especially when there are lots of things that need to happen in a certain amount of calendar days!!!

YET, this morning I am reminded that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow the days go

and I am so thankful for that. The past week has been crazy, busy at times, other times just the kind of day where you watch the clock, or fall asleep and think you will only nap for 2 hours and five hours later you glance at the clock and say “Oh crap ~ where did the time go!” Both Ron and I are looking forward to being on the same sleep schedule. Right now the three nights he works, I find myself staying up late so I can snuggle and sleep next to him ~ there is just something comforting being able to reach out and touch his foot or hand and know we are together. And then I wonder how can I do the things I need to do because I have slept half the day away. It seems lately I am being constantly reminded that this is just for a season and this season is coming to a close and a new season and new adventure are on the horizon.

This morning in God’s word (Joshua 5) ~ he encouraged me

that He is with me every step of the way, from the Luther Lenten Devotional I am reminded “In a time of journey, whether it be 40 years of journey through the wilderness, 40 days of journey through a crisis, or 40 hours of anxiety or despair, God’s promise holds us.  God’s promise is unconditional, which means it is always offered to us, no matter where we are, who we are, or in what situation we may be.” 

Isn’t that a great promise…we are never alone!!!

So as I start this week off running, well after sleeping almost 10 hours!!! I am reminded to keep my eyes on the destination but to enjoy the journey. So many things to do this week…the must do’s ~ doctor appointment, clean and purge stuff in the trailer (I know, it’s a never ending job!!!), organize and figure out how to store all my yarn ~ don’t say give it away ~ I have projects to do!!! Spend time with Brandon, Danalyn, Chris, Treyson and Alex!! We will definitely miss being close by so need to soak up all the time with them that we can!! Some me time ~ connecting with a new friend to say “see you later” BUT most of all being thankful for every day that I am blessed to have here on earth!!!

As I just wrote that last line I thought of three friends that are facing some struggles ~ thankful that I can pray for each of them and be an encouragement to them in a little moment of time and I pray that they (and you) are able to find a little spark of joy and sunshine in your day today!! If you think of them, please say a prayer for peace, reconciliation, calmness and joy to shine in their lives! I know they would appreciate the prayers.

In closing, the verse below closed out my devotionals and I was reminded of my most happy place…being near the water, watching and enjoying God’s handiwork. I won’t see the ocean or even a lake or river today BUT I can know in my heart that He will always love me, just like He loves you! That HIS grace and mercies are new every day and isn’t that refreshing…knowing we get a “do over” every single day!!!

Is there a “do over” you need today?
My “do over” for me, is give myself the grace that I so willingly give to others when I don’t meet all my crazy expectations. Lord, help me remember to breathe, one foot in front of the other, to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy this day that you have given me!!!

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