Lenten Day 16 – Love Like Jesus

Both of these verses were in my reading this afternoon, yes afternoon! I usually try to have my quiet time with the Lord in the morning but this week is kind of crazy. Our grandson, Christopher joined us yesterday for a night and today Treyson is staying for two nights.

We asked Christopher what he wanted to do while hanging with us…watching movies, eating burgers and sleeping in! So we did…we watched the 2008 Batman movie “The Dark Night” and then the new release “The Adam Project.” They are not movies we would have chosen to watch but we are glad we did. “The Adam Project” had amazing special effects and a great message at the end of the movie.

Lunch was burgers at Chili’s

We took Christopher over to his Grandma & Pop Pops for tonight and picked up Treyson. The boys are both going to Boy Scout Camp in Georgia this summer and Treyson still needed to earn some money to go towards camp so he is busy helping Grandpa do some much needed trailer cleaning.

This is the front after the first scrubbing (f you look closely at the top you can still see some of the nasty green pollen)…and as you can see below they are doing the front once again!!!

Tonight dinner will be cheese dogs w/tater tots and veggies and then movie time with Treyson. Tomorrow morning Treyson and Ron will caulk around the sunroof in the bathroom of the travel trailer…it’s not bad that it drips in the shower but it’s really not good for the trailer 😂

Also tomorrow we will head to the post office to mail out a Crocheted Dish Towel to the first contest winner of Crochet Creations by Ali.

Congratulations to Jim Tuck!!!

Back to my devotional this morning and welcome to my world of moving from one topic to another without skipping a beat !!!

Some of the thoughts I wrote down:
~ we should strive to be more Christ like each and every day
~ be more real
~ not that our works will get us into heaven, it is our love and belief in Jesus and so my prayer is that each day I can love more like Jesus!
~ and again I come back to struggling with feelings, making mistakes and have to remind myself feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are AND when I make a mistake or am struggling I can remember that there really aren’t failures (except the failure to learn from our mistakes) because if I learn from a mistake I also learn how to accept more of God’s grace in my life and thus be able to learn how to extend grace to others. And I am so thankful for God’s grace!!! And the fact that I don’t have to strive to be perfect…I just need to

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