Moving and Trusting

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that we have lived full time in an RV since Fall 2006 and started traveling in Fall 2009.

In a nutshell we have worked for a carnival, sold Christmas trees, managed a campground in Texas, then in Missouri, as well as Ron worked for Amazon in Kansas and back to Missouri to manage the same campground with different owners.

And then we worked at GUMI Camp, USA and then moved back to Oregon, then again to Texas, spent a few months in Utah ~ the altitude was a bit high for Ron and again we made our way to Texas. Then to North Carolina and most recently to Florida.

We have managed a 55+ independent living company, been house parents to more teenagers than we ever would have imagined, worked as gate guards and then foster parents to some sweet precious children who we miss dearly (we continue to pray for them and hope they remember us with love and then house parents in an emergency shelter and again here in Florida for a time. And then we made the tough decision to leave child care…we loved working with most of the children, it was very difficult with some of them but after dealing with a ton of verbal and emotional abuse from some of the older boys we decided it was time to find something else. So without much thinking, a lot of reacting and feeling like we didn’t have many choices we quit our jobs at AKP. Ron returned to Amazon here in Florida.

We have so enjoyed our time in Florida, being close to our son Brandon and his family, finding a church that we enjoyed and learning from Pastor Fred to keep seeking the Lord through everything we faced. And we have faced a few things that were unexpected…Ron having a heart attack right before Thanksgiving, me (Ali) spending Christmas in the hospital with heart and GERD issues, Ron reacting to his new medications and spending another 24 hours in the hospital and struggling to make ends meet…many people

prayed for us, blessed us in ways we could never imagine and us praying for guidance, seeking counsel from friends and praying and seeking the Lord’s will for us, for what and where we should be for the next season. And Ron kept saying “Keep trusting God, He hasn’t failed us yet and there is no reason why He will now.”

And once again, among all of my anxiety and yet holding on to God’s promises that

and taking each day, moment by moment and trusting and tackling the elephant one bite at a time, seeking God’s plan for us, and trusting some more and letting go of what my/our wants our God opens doors!!!

And He has done that. After talking with people in Vermont, Iowa, Alabama and South Carolina, we have accepted positions at Camp Sparrow RV Park in Gaffney, SC. Yes we are excited for another new adventure and yet sad to be moving away from our son and his family here in Florida. But in our sadness, we celebrate all the fun times we have had the past few months being with our grandsons, spending holidays together and for this season of our lives!!!

And we can’t wait to see what the next chapter involves!!!

One response to “Moving and Trusting”

  1. Sounds like time for those wheels to roll again. Always exciting if a bit of stress when starting a new job. You can do it!

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