God’s Promises Never Fail ~ Day 11 of Lent

Woke up tired and sore today. Not as bad as some days have been, but definitely my back doesn’t like something BUT God met me once again right where I am!

One of my devotions today talked about how Jesus has felt every emotion that I could possibly imagine, he has been sad, tired, frustrated and also energized, loved and persevered! If God can do all these things and He promises to always be with me and even though today feels like a hard day I can take comfort in knowing I am not alone.

So today, as Ron and I talk about upcoming opportunities and what we want we continue to say “if it’s God’s will we can do ………… “

Another thing I read this morning that spoke to me had to do with Blessings. One devotion stated “blessings are God’s main way of communicating his grace for us.” And to remember that blessings are not just things for us, but also ways we can share God’s love with others. Even as my back is hurting today, if I can focus on others, pray for others, encourage others my aches and pains don’t seem to heavy.

One thing I am working on is changing how I say things to myself…instead of saying things in a negative way I’m trying to change my words into positive…for example I have told myself this morning “even though my back is hurting, I am able to still go for a walk and do the things that I need to do.”

My question for the day is:
How do you change a negative thought or situation into a positive one?

************ ************
I want to close with something that I am very thankful for…
I am thankful for people I have gotten to meet through my blog over the years.
Today I celebrate with another RV’r couple who have always encouraged us in our journey as we travel and work across the country, I celebrate with them that they were able to get a sweet looking truck and can’t wait to see what their new home on wheels will look like!!!

I’m thankful for the encouragement I get when people leave me comments. Some are from people we have met while traveling, met only on Facebook and through our blogs, some we have been able to meet and hug in person and for those who have become our family, some who live this crazy RV life and some who live in one place and share their stability with us! I am just thankful for all those in my life who love and encourage me in so many different ways!!!

Who are you thankful for today?

1 thought on “God’s Promises Never Fail ~ Day 11 of Lent”

  1. Today I am thankful that again this year I had an excellent visit with my cardiologist. Hope not to see him again til next year.

    Looking forward to Spring, aren’t you?

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