God is My Strength ~ Lenten Day 10

Sometimes I am so amazed at myself…I have so many things I want to get done each day and yet lately I seem to be so easily distracted. Or maybe I’m just aware that I am more distracted 😜

So many questions I find God asking me in my devotions this morning…

  1. Luke 13:31-35 ~ would I blindly follow Jesus if I didn’t know the outcome. Reading about Jesus and his trek in Jerusalem, he knowing what was to come yet the disciples only knew what Jesus said. I would hope I would have followed Jesus blindly yet sometimes I do wonder since I like to know what is going on and what might happen. Today I know I choose to follow Jesus because He loves me.

God loves me no matter what! I didn’t know what unconditional love meant until years into my marriage to Ron. He has been and I am sure will continue to be the example of Jesus in my life…Ron loves me. He loves me when I panic, he loves me in my craziness and in my role as mom and grammy! I am so thankful Ron loves me. And though some days he may ask himself why, he doesn’t tell me. I love Ron and am so thankful God brought you into my life almost 47 years ago!!!

And I am thankful that God loves me more than I could ever imagine. God reassures me every day of his love and care for me.

2. I am reminded that my strength comes from the Lord! Sometimes I look back on different situations and I reminded of how far I have come in life…from such an insecure young girl, who wanted nothing but to be loved and would do almost anything to please others so they would love me, heck just like me. This morning I was reminded that it’s okay to look back and see where I’ve been but what is not good is to get stuck in the past.

3. One of the verses from my readings this morning is found in Isaiah 53: 3-4a where I am reminded that God carries my grief and sorrow and that led me to more prayers of thankfulness for those who have walked by my side over the years…too many to name (I know I would forget someone and don’t want to offend someone for forgetting to list them) but they know who they are…they have stood by me, held me and encouraged me, reminded me that I am loved and cared about and most of all that God is the one who carries my grief and sorrow so that I can live in joy and peace today!!!

The final verse in my reading this morning reminded me to that even though some would and do attack me, trying to pull me back down to feeling inadequate and not good enough the bottom line is that

God Holds Me Up!!!

Who do you lean on when you feel down?
Do you have a favorite verse you repeat to yourself?

One response to “God is My Strength ~ Lenten Day 10”

  1. It would be right and totally beautiful to say I lean on God every time but I know that’s not true.
    Sometimes, I run to things that are temporary and expect them to reassure me. But those things are just that – temporary. They will eventually fade and take away the happiness I find in them.
    But God always brings me back, He reminds me that the world cannot offer me everlasting comfort and love, only He can. I pray every day for the grace to run to Him first in every situation and I know I’m getting better day by day.

    It’s hard to choose a specific Bible verse. I love Matthew 6:19-34.
    It reminds me of God’s love, faithfulness and provision🌸.

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