Greater Love ~ Day 4 Lenten Season

As I opened my Bible this morning I was thinking about a conversation I had with Ron earlier in the day. A little back history…yesterday his phone texted my phone an Emergency SOS. I wasn’t home and yes, a little panic settled in. I tried calling him, no answer. I tried calling again, no answer. I called the RV Park office and explained to the gal that I was not home and then Ron’s phone was giving me an emergency SOS text and would she mind going over to the trailer to check on him. He was supposed to be sleeping as he had worked the night before. I think that was two of the longest minutes I have spent in a long time. She came back, said his alarm went off, scared him, he somehow called 911 and couldn’t get his phone to shut off BUT he was fine! Thank you Jesus! Ron called me. We got his phone reset and continued on with our day. Ron didn’t go to work lat night because he had a headache and just felt exhausted. This morning he said he is doing much better and will be going to work this evening.

This morning I called him while I was out and again he didn’t answer. What the heck?? I called again and he answered. I did tell him, with all the stuff that was going on he couldn’t not answer his phone….my heart might not be able to take much more stress. His phone was on silent…I walked him through, again, how to turn it on (the little button on the left of the phone had been pushed down yesterday during the phone issues 😳. He reassured me he was feeling much better. Thank you Jesus for keeping my hubby safe. We talked a bit and I encouraged Ron to eat a bit more protein and see if that helps.

And then I sat down in my little corner and opened my Bible…the opening line of my Lenten devotional this morning was “Lent is the time of greater love”. I love Ron more than anything and I guess the last few months of health scares are finally catching up with me. The above verse reminded me to keep my focus on God’s love. God’s love for me, for Ron, for our children & grandchildren and even for myself. And to remember to stay focused on God’s Word (light).

A song that was included in my devotion this morning “My Song is Love Unknown.” by Samuel Crossman (1664). The first verse goes like this
My song is love unknown,
my Savior’s love to me,
love to the loveless shown
that they might lovely be.
Oh, who am I,
that for my sake
my Lord should take
frail flesh and die?

And again I am reminded that God’s love for me is more than I could ever imagine. And that no matter what happens in this life I will never, ever be alone!!!

Another song that has really been speaking to me lately is sung by our friends, Roy Morris & Barbara Fairchild, “He’ll Keep You Thru”

If your passion for living is gone
And the trials have taken your song
Here’s an echo of the truth
And its ringing in my heart from my youth.
He won’t keep you from the fire
but he’ll sure keep you through

He’ll keep you through the fire
When it becomes a furnace
He’ll keep you through the waters
When they become a flood.
He would not make what he could not keep
He would not start what he can’t complete
And what he does not keep you from,
He’ll keep you through.

He didn’t keep Noah from the flood that came.
He didn’t keep Moses from 40 years of pain.
Now there’s Daniel, Paul and Silas, and the Hebrew boys, just to name a few
And what he did not keep them from, they knew that he would keep them through.

He’ll keep you through the fire
When it becomes a furnace
He’ll keep you through the waters
When they become a flood
He would not make, what he could not keep
He did not start what he can’t complete
And what he does not keep you from
He’ll keep you through

And what he does not keep you from
He’ll keep you through.

Reminding me over and over again, God doesn’t keep the fires and trials from our lives BUT He does help us get through them!!! Thank you Jesus for another reminder that I am never alone, even when my mind races to and fro. My prayer today is “Lord help me to focus on you and to be intentional in all I say and do. Amen.”

Do you have a favorite song you like to listen to that encourages you?
Or how about helps you to keep focused?

One response to “Greater Love ~ Day 4 Lenten Season”

  1. Beautiful post! I love the part of the song that says “He won’t keep you from the the fire but He’ll keep you through it.

    “What a friend we have in Jesus,” is my go-to hymn for when life gets me down.

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