Lenten Season ~ Day 1

This is the verse that began my Lenten devotional series today. What a beautiful reminder that God is always faithful, HE always loves me and is waiting for me each day to reach out to Him!!!

Began the second part of my devotional and it reminded me that as I go through each day I need to seek to be how the Lord wants me to be: loving, kind, patient, compassionate, slow to anger, listen ~ really listen, don’t be thinking of the next thing to say, but listen, really listen.

When most people think of Lent they think of “I have to give up ________________ (fill in the blank) but this year my focus is not giving up something but focusing on the things I need to do to have a healthier body, a calmer spirit, a more loving heart. So my focus today is to speak love in my words, speak positively!

What about you? Are you giving something up for Lent? Or challenging yourself with something new?

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