Thankfulness ~ Day 10 ~ Family

As I am sitting at Brandon’s table my heart is full. I am so thankful for this season to be near Brandon and his family. Yesterday we were able to celebrate Brandon’s birthday with a birthday dinner proved by Dan & Lynda, Danalyn’s parents. It was nice to get together, share a great meal and good company. And it warms this mama’s heart to see her son so loved! It is hard to believe that my baby is 42! Where has the time gone.

Here he is at 5 weeks!!!
He was our little chunk!!

and now

Married with four boys of his own!!!

Yes we are blessed!!!

In Proverbs today:

Daily Bible Verse - Proverbs 13:19 | Proverbs 13:19 The desi… | Flickr

I am reminded that God will and does take care of me/us. That he wants us to have the desires of our heart. One of my biggest desires has always been to have and be with family…and today I am thankful for my family. Family isn’t just blood relatives…I am also so thankful for my friends who are my family. I think about our friends J & L ~ they have been a part of our lives since 1990 ~ over 30 years. We have laughed and cried together. Shared many a meal, watched our children grow up and become parents. One memory that I chuckle about now, though at the time it wasn’t funny…L and I were on the phone and I got mad and slammed the phone down on her. Immediately the phone rang and it was L. She told me “don’t you ever hang up on me again!” And do you know I haven’t ever hung up on anyone since that day. I have been known to say “I’m hanging up now and then hanging up the phone.” But I have never slammed the phone down on anyone. As I share that memory I think about the kids of today ~ they will never know the satisfaction of slamming a phone down on someone when they are mad and done talking. It’s just not the same when you click the button on a cell phone. 😳

In one of my devotions from today

2 Corinthians 1:4 | re-Ver(sing) Verses

Fits right into my thinking today…I have dealt with so many different issues in my life, as we all have, and sometimes I have wanted to give up. Even this week I felt my anxiety climbing and wondering and thinking about things that need to be accomplished and I don’t see a way BUT I am reminded that God has always provided for us and there is nothing that will make him stop now.

One of the statements in my devotional today reminded me that when I am struggling it is God’s way of pointing me back towards him and into His word. And also that my struggles are not in vain but can be used to help others. And for that I am thankful. Thankful that I can be an encouragement to others when they are struggling.

Walking update…yesterday I went for two walks…one for 5 min 58 seconds and the second one for 6 min 25 seconds!!! Today I went for a walk after eating breakfast…10 min 45 seconds! It felt good to walk and it was over six minutes into my walk before I noticed my hips were starting to hurt. I am hoping as I take more walks my hips won’t hurt as much.

On another note…today is Super Bowl Sunday…so football and eating lots of goodies are on the agenda and we get to do it with Brandon, Danalyn, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander! One of my favorite sounds is hearing the excitement in Chris’s voice as he chats about the players and the game as well as watching Brandon & Ron enjoying the game together.

Do you have plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

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