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Friendship ~ Day 6

Sunday at church, Pastor Fred used the passage James 4: 13 ~ 5: 6. Many things resonated through my heart and mind as he preached.

~ My calling/Our calling
~ Friendship
~ Time
~ Being Rich

Today I want to talk about friendship. Other than my Aunt Joan or Cousin Lee Ann, one friend that has been in my life the longest is my friend Corrine. We became friends in high school when I moved to Indio, CA with my mom. We ate lunch together, bowled together, babysat kids in the nursery at the bowling alley together and just spent time together.

The funny thing about friendships is that they can come and go, start and stop and begin again and that’s what happened with Corrine and I. I know we stayed in contact for a few years after I moved away from Indio as I have snippets from letters she wrote me stuck in some of my journals. But as far as physically seeing each other that’s a different story. The last time I saw her before I didn’t see her again was in 1975 sometime between September and December…Ron and I had gone to Indio from Las Vegas so I could introduce Ron to my pastor. That experience is a memory in itself and maybe I will write about it at a later date…I remember introducing Corrine to Ron. And then life took over…the military moved us to Holland. We made good friends there…and then back to Washington when Ron’s dad got sick.

I might have written to Corrine a few times while in Holland but I didn’t see her again till after we had started our RV living and working on the road. We reconnected through Facebook…

Facebook can be fun, can be frustrating, using Facebook can be addictive but one of the good things is that it gives one the ability to reconnect with friends…and that’s what I was able to do. Reconnect with Corrine and her brother Ed (as well as many other friends I have made throughout my life). And for that I am thankful.

One of the questions that came up in one of my devotionals this week (which of course I can’t find now🙁) also had to do with friends…old and new, near and far and maybe that’s why my thoughts have been about friends and friendship. Another reason I am sure friends and friendship are on my mind is the loss of a dear friend a few weeks ago and wishing I had been more intentional in my time and relationship…reaching out more. Along with Pastor Fred talking about we each have 24 hours every day to do what we want/need to do and the question was: do you waste your time or use it wisely? do you do the things you need to do to live like Jesus: be an encourager, to share the fruits of the spirits:

Pin on From the Bible... pay attention :)

And I felt the Lord challenging me to be more intentional in my friendships. Are you intentional with your friendships? What are some ways you can be intentional?

One of the things I’m thinking of doing is going through my memory bank and writing down as many names of friends that I have had over the years and a memory about our relationship. Stay tuned to see how that goes 😁

One response to “Friendship ~ Day 6”

  1. I have treasured every day of our friendship, since the beginning. I am thankful we were able to reconnect thru Facebook (and your amazing persistence in looking for me!). We have only been physically together once, since 1975, but thank our God we chat often thru messenger. Friendship means we care about each other, and communicate with each other, even though we may be a thousand miles apart; we are still the friends we have always been; Christ lives in each of us! I cherish you, my friend.

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