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Encouraged ~ Day 5

If you read my blog or follow me on Facebook you know I love to crochet. In a conversation with Ron the other day I realized I have been crocheting for 50+ years!!! How can that be when I don’t feel that old 😂!

This is my latest creation:

I made these dish towels for our cousin, Julie. She loved them! She loves/likes everything I make. Julie and another friend, Mary, call me the Crochet Queen. Julie is always encouraging me to make and sell things.

I made this little Chicken hat for one of Julie’s friends grandbaby…isn’t that baby cute?

I also recently put together a tablecloth for a friend…Belinda had the hexagon’s. I added the edging and then put it all together.

and so today I am thankful for one of the gifts I received from my mom…the gift of knowing how to crochet. I love to crochet…I know I have said that often…but I really do!!! A funny thing about my crocheting and living in our little house on wheels…we have a rule “one thing in, one thing out” Ron is worried soon he will be the one thing out…NOPE, NEVER…I keep telling him!!!

And this leads me to my question of the day ~

Do y’all think I should open a Facebook page just for selling my creations? Sometimes I make up my own patterns, sometimes I start with a pattern (either free from the web or bought ~ though that happens rarely 🤣 ) and sometimes I tweak a pattern.

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