January 7, 2022 ~ Bugs & More!

I hate bugs! Especially fast and creepy crawly ones!

Same bug, just a close up picture of it. I found out it is a type of roache/silverfish and I know God made all the creatures but these, these have got to go!!! A friend of mine who has lived just about 20 miles from us here in Florida recommended something…it’s being ordered from Amazon…in the meantime, when I can catch the dang things…they are dead…they are FAST little buggers!!!! And even though I know they won’t actually hurt me I am always startled and jump when I see one!!!

A lot of things I have been trying to do daily didn’t happen yesterday ~ Thursday is always a crazy day as we switch our schedule up a bit to get into the swing of Ron’s work schedule…so up early, run a bunch of errands, come back to the trailer. While Ron napped I cleaned and organized our little home on wheels. We have been talking about getting rid of the double recliner and getting a futon so the grandboys can have a place to sleep…I am so ready for some sleepovers!!! This past week we were able to pick up an RV recliner and a futon off of Facebook marketplace. I think they look great!! And for those who want to know…Ron is keeping his dang big TV (55″) (its to the left of the recliner by the door) until we get a 2nd chair and 40″ ~ 43″ TV…but that’s not a priority right now…

This morning I was able to do my little morning routine…drank a bottle of water, weighed (down 9.8 lbs since 9/29/21 ~ not a lot but hey a girl has to start somewhere!), turned on some worship music and spend some time in the Word. Today’s reading is Proverbs 7.


Proverbs 7:25 KJV - Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not

Both of these verses really spoke to me and reminded me that I need to keep my focus on the Lord. Or I just get loud and crazy dumb!!! Just yesterday I was in a pretty selfish mood and Ron and I argued over the dumbest thing…something that happened in 1989/90!!! Now how dumb is that. I started sulking and after about 15 minutes I felt this little tug at my heart…”Ali you are just being stupid and selfish..what does it matter when the big snow storm was???” After a few more minutes I softly started talking with Ron…so thankful he loves me, foibles and all, and helps me to get back into a good place!!!

It’s been nice chatting with y’all..hope some of you chat back 🙂 …time to walk over to the office and see if I can buy some quarters to work on the never ending pile of laundry and go for a walk!!

1 thought on “January 7, 2022 ~ Bugs & More!”

  1. Isn’t it funny the things we argue about? Len and I do the same. We will disagree on an event, date of the event, who was there, etc. Usually I just let it go. But sometimes I show him the evidence. I’m glad me doesn’t keep records like I do!

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