January 5, 2022 ~ Feeling Encouraged

Good morning on this overcast and grey cloudy day here in Wesley Chapel, Florida. I slept really well last night and after eating my gingerbread cookie for dessert last night I didn’t snack while watching TV…a big step for me. I kept taking sips of my water each time I had the thought “I want something to eat”. I wasn’t really hungry but I just like to snack..old habits are hard to break but being successful at new healthy habits feels wonderful!!!

Reminds me of many of the conversations with my Bestie…we know what we are supposed to do to lower our Blood Glucose, we know what makes us feel good emotionally and physically YET so often we choose the other path.

This morning my reading found me in Proverbs 5…

Proverbs 5:12-14 ERV | Ecclesiastes 12, Healing verses, Ecclesiastes

Ouch! OUCH!!! So much truth…I was diagnosed in 1995 with Type 2 Diabetes: 26 years I have been battling this disease, no putting bandaids on my health and it has’t been working…that’s obvious as I’m definitely overweight and it’s not baby weight!!! as my baby is almost 42!!! My skin is dry and flaky and my joints ache…ache a lot!!! And my headaches are happening two to three times a week now. Not to sound like I am beating myself up…I’m just trying to be honest.

At the same time I do give myself credit for the changes I have been trying no making. Once again I have stopped buying soda pop; yes I was back to drinking one or two Zero Coke’s or Sprites a day…ugh…but the last two times I went grocery shopping I didn’t buy any ~ yeah me!!! I have also quit snacking at bedtime…so hard not to do. As I shared with my Bestie…eating popcorn or cookies laying in bed was a happy memory of doing that with my mom when I was growing up…yes it brought me comfort! And we are making healthier food purchases like I wrote about yesterday…and I am reminded it’s one step at a time, one day at a time and sometimes it’s just one meal at a time!

Vs 14 “and everyone knows it!” is a good thing…it helps me to be accountable to myself and knowing my kids and framily (friends who are my family now) ask and care about me. And I feel special when my framily asks how things are going? or what are we having for dinner? or did you get out for a walk? I know it’s kind of selfish but I am a people person and I need people around me and involved in my life…so don’t hesitate to ask me how things are going…well only if you want to 🙂 !

Proverbs 5:23 also speaks volumes to me…IF I don’t get my act together…i.e. eating healthy, walking every day, taking care of my emotional and spiritual health I will die. Don’t get me wrong…we all are going to die at some point in our lives but IF I get my act together maybe I will be around for a long, long time.

This morning I’m thankful for the encouragement from the Lord as I spent time in His word and also thankful for the notes of encouragement I have received through my blog comments and email…you know who you are and I truly do appreciate you!!!

Today I continue with Daily To Do List ~
…weigh in the morning √
…take my morning medication√
…start my day with a bottle of water√
…spend time in the Word√
….write a blog post√
still to do … go for a walk
… take down the Christmas decorations
… make a healthy breakfast and dinner (guess that’s two things)
… crochet a bit on the project I’m putting together for a friend

What about you? What’s on your To Do List?
Do you write your list out or is it just running through your head?

I’m using an Excel worksheet that a friend put together plus writing in my daytimer and logging my food in Myfitnesspal (to keep track of my carbs to adjust my insulin accordingly) and doing my daily NOOM lessons.

2 thoughts on “January 5, 2022 ~ Feeling Encouraged”

  1. You are really an encouragement to all of us trying to “Do Better, Live Healthier, Stay connected to people and the Lord” Thanks for taking the time to post and show us your improvements and helping us along. So proud of the steps you have made, your post today it really hit home for me, thanks for the reminder. Stay well and happy my friend. My love to you and Mr, Ron.

  2. I used my fitness pal a few years ago and lost a bit. I sure need to lose a lot now. I’ve been thinking of going back to it. You just inspired me to JUST DO IT. Thanks.

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