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Thanksgiving 2021

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Happy Thanksgiving 2021!!!
As the evening comes to a close I decided to just write about being Thankful.
Many of you know that Ron had a major health scare this past weekend.
Saturday night/Sunday morning Ron had a mild heart attack and was admitted to the hospital here in Wesley Chapel.

Even in the midst of scary things it’s always a good time to learn new things: I learned how to make a phone call between three people!! So thankful I was able to talk with Jamie & Brandon at the same time…it helped to calm this mama’s heart especially not knowing what was going on with Ron.
I also put gas in the truck for the first time!!
Found out it doesn’t need a gas cap ~ how cool is that?

Monday found them running ultrasounds on Ron’s legs and lungs to make sure there were no clots. Praise the Lord none were found!

A second issue was that his kidney numbers were out of whack and due to that they could not schedule him for an angiogram. So 6 hydration bags later and two days and Ron was ready for the angiogram.

Wednesday found lots of prayers going up for Ron, for me, for us, for the doctors and all involved in dealing with Ron’s health issues.
We’ve had some tense moments: when the port blew in Ron’s arm yet the Lord provided an ultrasound machine and a great tech who got another IV started…needed to keep that hydration flowing.

Two hours and forty-five minutes after Ron was taken for the heart cath procedure the doctor was back in his room while Ron was watched in recovery. The doctor stated there were no need for any stents ~ Praise the Lord!!

Yes he had a mild heart attack but it doesn’t appear to have any residual effects. Next up was getting the results of his most recent blood tests…yeah, his kidneys are working right and his numbers are coming back down. Praise the Lord!!!

The last thing needed was for the primary care doctor to say Ron could be released AND that happened about 4:45p on Wednesday!!! Praise the Lord!!!

After lots of paperwork we were headed home…via the emergency room to get his arm rewrapped to stop the bleeding where the IV had been…go figure!! So off to get prescriptions and pick up our mail we finally made it back to the trailer at 7:15p!

We were greeted by Brandon, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander with dinner: pitas filled with tzatziki sauce, curried chicken, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese ~ yummy!!! The boys played some football while we visited…it was nice to get hugs and be together and a perfect way to end a very stressful few days!

Today dawned with bright sunshine and blue skies,
we both slept well, Ron slept for almost 12 hours straight ~ not surprising after three nights in the hospital…he said he would just get to sleep and then someone would come into his room to check his vitals, ask if he was in pain or if he needed anything? So sleeping in was nice!

We then made our way over to our daughter-in-love’s parents home for a wonderful dinner and fellowship.

Today I am thankful for my family, friends, all the love, prayers, support and encouragement ~ we definitely feel loved and cared for!!!

Hope y’all had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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