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Catching Up and Changing Things a Bit

What’s happening…well I have walked three of the last four days…reached my goal for this week. By the end of November I want to be walking 5 out of 7 days a week. I need to see things completed/marked off so I put a little list at the bottom of my daytimer…categories are: Blog, Devotional, NOOM, Daily Housework, Walk AM & PM, Journal and weekly Laundry. I love to see the tally marks adding up.

Blog ~ goal is to write at least one blog post a day. The topic may have to do with my devotional, my getting healthy journey, life happenings or just random thoughts.

Devotional ~ spending time in the Word. It could be from an email, reflecting on sermon notes, reflecting on a meme/picture or something else shared on Facebook relating to Scripture or the Lord.

NOOM ~ I joined NOOM on 9/27/21. I have worked on different habits, starting new ones, quitting bad I mean, unhealthy habits…like not grabbing a snack and eating it in bed as I scroll through Facebook or play games before I fall asleep. by the way as of today it has been 31 nights!! of no snacking in bed when I go to bed at night!!!! I don’t report the days every day but I do keep track for myself plus I do like to get those pats on the back for sticking to something!! You know, being encouraged always helps me to stay on track!!!

The other habit I have been working on is not drinking soda pop: whether diet, zero or with lots of sugar!!! I really started focusing on that habit on 11/1. So far I have had 4 soda’s total…not bad for a girl who has been known to drink 4 to 6 cans/bottles a day!! Yes per day!!!!

Daily Housework ~ probably some people just think is a given but in may case I can be a slug, crocheting, trolling on Facebook, reading, zoning in front of the TV and and truly just be a slug. This helps me to focus on one thing each day to do. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom (my least favorite) to doing dishes (yes I have been known to leave dishes sit for 3 or 4 days!!!) NO JUDGING! and everything in between.

Walk AM & PM ~ my goal, like I mentioned above is to be walking 2x a day 5 of 7 days by the end of November. So far my four walks have all just been once a day…but hey, starting somewhere. Today I have a good chance of getting both walks in as I walked this morning after Ron went to sleep after working his first night at Amazon. And he works tonight so I will do what I did last night ~ he left for work about 5:30 and I went for a walk then. He plans to leave about 5:15p tonight as he was 4 minutes late last night…traffic around Wesley Chapel is something we are not used to!!! When working at AKP, we were due to be at work at 10a and we got off at noon…both times are not high traffic times…well 5:30p is high, high traffic times here!!! As our son informed us after we moved from Seffner to Wesley Chapel…during the summer Wesley Chapel has about 25K people but in the winter when the snowbirds arrive the population can increase to 100K or more!!!! Yep we need to do a bit more planning!!! So I’m actually tracking two things in regards to my walking…both AM & PM and then twice a day!!!

Journal ~ what does that bring to your mind? Writing in a journal but isn’t that what my blog is…a journal of our life, the good, the bad, the highs, the lows and everything in between…YES…for me when I see JOURNAL what I am thinking of is transferring all of my handwritten journals to the computer…remember my dream to write a book some day…it is still on the back burner and I have a couple of ideas and one of the tools is to have my journal writings from the past 45+ years on the computer!!! Yes I have been journaling since Ron and I got married. I actually started in the Spring of 1975. Some journaling was done daily, sometimes I didn’t put pen to paper for weeks on end. It is also interesting to see how my mind, my behaviors, my beliefs and life in general has changed over the years!!!

Laundry ~ now why would I need to track laundry…well there is a couple of reasons. One I like to know how many loads I do a week and how much we spend on laundry. It’s amazing how some weeks we can four or five loads and other weeks we have only one!! I’m trying to see if there is a rhyme or reason to it…nothing big or serious, just curiosity!

So now it’s time for a few questions…
What are some things/topics do you like to read about more? Is there one thing over another?
Do you like pictures in the blog? Personal pictures? Images from Google? Memes?
News about my health journey?
Or just a hodgepodge of things?

What’s happening with us?
For the time being we have decided to stay put here in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We are about 25 miles from Brandon and his family. We love being able to spend a few hours with them, visiting, sharing a meal, watching the Seahawks as well as lots of other sports. We also enjoy being able to go to their sporting events. This weekend we are going to watch Treyson and Alexander in their championship soccer games!!! Last weekend we were able to go and watch Christopher play basketball! By the way, his team won 44 to 22!! And oh the memories that flowed during practice and the game…remembering when Jamie & Brandon played sports!!! And I thought about a weekend we were in Idaho when Brandon was coaching one of the Boise Flight teams and we all got stuck at the hotel (us in our motorhome) and Brandon called and said do you think $XXXX will cover pizza dinner for all the boys, coaches and parents? No problem. Ron and I jumped into action and threw together a chicken noodle casserole, spaghetti, salad and picked up oranges and milk and took it all to the hotel to feed the gang. You know what they say “Once a Team Mom, always a Team Mom!” whether your own kid is playing, your son is coaching, a grand is playing…always a team mom!!!

So for now, Ron will be working at Amazon. One of the perks is that he gets medical benefits which means I still have medical insurance and it started the same day he started with them!!! As you may know, diabetes medication costs are out of this world…the difference is paying over $600 for one month of one type of insulin verses $30 for the same medication with insurance!!! Thank you Lord for providing for us!!! Ron’s work schedule is 6:30p to 7:00a Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights! So three days a week of work and four days to play!!! Almost as good as working 7 days on/7 days off!!!

That may leave you wondering what will I be doing ~ well playing on Ron’s days off, being a Grammy every chance I get, resting my foot in between walks…it is getting better but still aches sometimes when I am up and on it for a whole day, writing and crocheting!!!

I have lots of crochet projects to finish and lots I want to do but I’m also going to try to see if I can sell some of my creations. Here’s a few pics of some of the things I have made. Let me know if you see something you like and let’s chat about how you can get some great items and I can make a little money!!!

Baby Hat
Baby Girl Outfit: includes bonnet, booties, dress
(one of many toys I have made: unicorns, kitty’s, dogs, etc.)
Headbands…all sizes and styles
And for fun…remember the toilet paper shortage in summer of 2020! Made and sent to a dear friend 😃

And lots of blankets…you can also check out my Crochet & More by Ali page to see other things I have made for gifts and by special request!

Well I guess that’s enough rambling for today!
Don’t forget to answer the above questions!

2 responses to “Catching Up and Changing Things a Bit”

  1. So happy to hear you two are doing well. Very proud of your hard work, keep it going. Our thoughts and prayers are with you 🙏❤

  2. Well Girl…. sounds like you are getting well organized. I get uneasy when things are not in place. Can’t rest if dishes left to be done, bed not made, etc. There must be a balance somewhere in between?

    I envy you that you have been consistent in your journaling. One of my most regrets lays along that line. Starting in 1992 I kept a journal. Entries almost every day. In 2009 as we were getting ready to go fulltime I was divesting of stuff. Len was going to the recycling center. I saw those journals neatly boxed up. Take them I said. Within one hour I regretted doing this. Too late… they were gone. I think of them often. Makes me sad. So yes, you must always keep those journals.

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