Grace Filled Food Freedom ~ Day 18

May be an image of text that says 'Day 18 Heavenly Father, show me how to make an honest assessment of which foods are good for me and which ones are "too good" for me, right now. Help me to remember how You have set me free, but that freedom also includes the freedom to say "no" sometimes. GRACE FILLED PLATES'

Day 18: When Food Is “Too Good”

VERSE:“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” Romans 13:14 ESV

READ: Romans 13:11-14

Romans 13:11-14 | Faith scripture, Scripture verses, Biblical verses

EXCERPT: There are plenty of amazing and incredible foods that you can prepare and enjoy that are good but not “too good.” As you improve your skills and strengthen your spirit, you’ll be better able to navigate the foods that tend to hobble you now. And someday, those cupcakes will go stale on your countertop.

GRACE IN ACTION: Take a look around your pantry. Are there any foods in there that trip you up? Can you temporarily remove them from your home or store them out of sight? Think about any foods that you’d label “too good” to have around the house, and consider taking a break from them while you work on your relationship with and your reliance on the Lord.

Food you can’t live without it ~ so how do you do that in a healthy manner? One of the things I am working on is portion control. For instance tortilla chips…making a plate of nachos…layer the plate with chips, add the cheese and other goodies then another layer of chips topped with more cheese…probably a quarter of a family size bag. But check out a serving size…14 chips!!! What?? So I tried something…I put the 14 chips on the plate added my cheese (divided in half so I could have some on top), added some black olives and black beans and then topped with the rest of the cheese. After melting the cheese added a half of avocado and a little pico de gallo ~ yummy and definitely filling!!!

How does this fit with the above scriptures…the desire of the flesh!!! I am so used to eating such large portions ~ the desire of my flesh…but you know what, stopping and planning and a healthy serving of nachos was plenty for me.

Do you eat mindlessly?
How about fixing what you think you want and then realizing it’s way too much for one person for one sitting?

How do you decide how much to fix to eat for one meal.
Measuring is such a huge wake up call for me.

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