Some Rambling Thoughts ~

As I sit here listening to the rain on the roof of the travel trailer, enjoying sitting next to my hubby while he is watching a movie…I couldn’t tell you what the movie is I just know it has some cowboys in it and it is in North Dakota, I am feeling very blessed. And yet sad…

sad that things turned out the way they did at AKP. Thinking of all the kids we loved on in a very short amount of time.

So many boys! But blessed with a few girls too!!!

B ~ hoping he recognizes the positive changes he has made over the past few months, not grunting when someone asks him a question, using his manners and asking without yelling if he could play on the Xbox.
L ~ a happy little boy who can entertain himself for hours with all his stuffies and who wears his Nutella sandwiches from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin.
D ~ who just wants a forever home and rambles through life on his own time schedule.
B ~ who taught me that you can eat ramen noodles right out of the package and just adding some hot sauce.
C ~ who never knew a question he didn’t like and who taught me that sometimes questions just don’t need to be answered
L ~ who finally trusted me to wash his hair and taught me that it’s okay to let kids do what they know how to do.
M ~ who dreams big and can walk on his hands like a wheelbarrow all the way to the classroom, as long as Mr. Ron carried his backpack, and that his fast shoes is what makes him run so fast! And that trying new foods is okay to do!!
C `~ who loves tater tots and could eat them 3x a day, every day of the week and who needs to remember he doesn’t have to do what the other boys do just because they are doing it.
C ~ keeps on drawing and building and creating and that when he puts his elbows on the table while eating he hears Ms Ali say “elbows” and laughs at her funny rules.
A & J ~ that they realize it’s okay to love your brother instead of always arguing.
R ~ shares his precious smile with everyone he comes into contact with and he doesn’t have to mimic the older boys, that he’s special just the way God made him!
C ~ to keep smiling and that it’s okay to be afraid of stuff as long as you don’t let it control you.
T ~ hoping one day he learns that words can and do hurt and that football is the not the end all of life
E ~ learns it’s okay to let others in and not everyone is out to hurt you.
D ~ keep up those steps! And let your light shine as you reach for the moon!! The world is yours, just keep going!!
S ~ that, like me, has never met a word she didn’t like and remember to keep being kind
D ~ hope your dream to have dinner with Mr. Ron comes true at some point!
E ~ keep smiling and writing and know that each day is a new day!!

Even though the sad feelings are there I am thankful for the laughs, smiles and hugs were and hope those memories help to keep them each moving forward and to remember that each new day is just that a new day, a new chance and most of all that God loves each and every one of them!!!

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